Chimney Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Chimney Maintenance, Dryer Vent Cleaning

When a homeowner, landlord or property manager needs dryer vent cleaning or chimney cleaning and fireplace services in Northern Virginia, they call the, licensed and insured, hometown professionals, JCS Home Services, at 571-299-9389.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is recommended by local Fire Marshals Office, FEMA, CSIA and fire departments to be performed at least once a year. Reason: Lint collects past the lint trap in the vent pipe increasing drying time and adding risk of a catastrophic event. After the dryer vent has been cleaned correctly, you should notice a difference in drying time (especially if the dryer vent was clogged before cleaning).

Chimney Sweeps

Chimney fires happen more often than you would think! A chimney fire can do huge amounts of damage to a structure. Everything from a prefabricated fireplace to a standard fireplace needs to have regular maintenance. Chimney sweeping of the entire system includes: Firebox, Throat, Smoke Chamber, and Flue. This service is recommended once a year. “Think Safety”

Air Duct Cleaning

All air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years.

Chimney Services

A fireplace should be cleaned any time an appreciable accumulation (1/8" or more) of soot and creosote occur.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Inspection of the transition duct from the wall to the dryer to ensure it meets codes and standards

Gutter Cleaning

Removal of Leaves, Sticks and other Debris from in the Gutters & Downspouts.​​

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