Air Duct Cleaning Fairfax VA

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It is important to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your home. At JCS Home Services, we are a company that is dedicated to cleaning the various parts of your home that would be challenging for you to clean on your own. Examples of these are the chimney, gutter and dryer vent. We are a professional cleaning company that is trusted by landlords and property managers in Northern Virginia.

Air duct cleaning fairfax va, Always Keep Your Home Clean!

With our headquarters located in Sterling, Virginia, we have provided specialized services to clean the most sensitive areas of your home so as to enhance its safety and keep it beautiful. Ever since 2011, we have provided affordable services and convenient appointment times. Read on to learn more about our company, services and why we are the best cleaner to call for your home.

Discover JCS Home Services

At our company, we truly believe that you should clean your chimney, gutters, dryer vents and perform air duct cleaning fairfax va at least once a year. Why do we say this? This sort of cleaning regimen prevents fires. A dirty chimney or dryer vent hosts a wide range of debris which poses a fire risk for your home. Our experienced technicians clean out all the debris and renders your home safe from fires.

Looking at what we believe in, you can see that we emphasize safety in your home. We maintain this perspective during our work too. Our technicians wear the required safety equipment as they clean your gutters, chimney or dryer vent. Examples of these are hard hats, overalls, gloves and harnesses. Moreover, we maintain your safety during a job by marking out the areas that you, your kids or pets should not cross as we clean your home. In doing so, we maintain your safety during and after a cleaning task. Our company provides a variety of cleaning services to you. Here they are.

Services that we provide

At JCS Home Services, we provide a variety of services. They include:

  • Chimney sweeping
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning fairfax va
  • Prevention of pest entry into your home
  • Dryer Vent cleaning

According to the Fire Marshals Office, fire departments, CSIA and FEMA, your dryer vent should be cleaned at least once every year. This is because lint can accumulate past the lint trap in the vent pipe. This increases the drying time and increases the risk of fire or some other catastrophe. As such, invite us into your home to clean your dryer vent. Not only will your home be safer, you will also notice that it will have a faster drying time.

Chimney sweeping

At JCS Home Services, we have observed that chimney fires are more common than we think. They occur when the flames in your fireplace grow out of control due to added fuel from debris in the chimney. Not only can this type of fire cause extensive damage in your home, it can also pose a risk to your life. Therefore, call us to clean your chimney before it is too late. We have the skill and expertise to clean prefabricated fireplaces as well as standard ones. According to regulation, a chimney should be cleaned whenever the accumulation of soot and debris exceeds 1/8. During a cleaning session, we eliminate debris from the firebox, flue, throat and smoke chamber too. We advise that you should clean your chimney once every year and we are the company to call for perfect services.

Gutter cleaning

It is important for your gutters to be clear of sticks, leaves and other types of debris. This allows for smooth flow of rainwater into the direction that you desire. Our cleaning technicians are qualified and skilled enough to eliminate these blockage creators in your gutters. Not only do we clean them out, we check them for structural integrity and inform you in case some sort of repair is required.

Prevention of pest entry

Some types of pests are very creative. They can enter your home through the chimney and cause havoc. Examples of pests that can do this include birds, rats, raccoons, snakes, squirrels, mice and rats. We can install chimney caps in your home to keep these pests at bay.


We always strive to provide you with high quality services. For professional cleaning of your home, you can get in touch with us by sending an email to or calling 571-299-9389. You can also visit our website by navigating to and fill out a form to contact one of our officers who can schedule an appointment for you.

Post: Air duct cleaning fairfax va, Always Keep Your Home Clean!