Air Duct Cleaning Leesburg VA

If you are asking how often you should hire professional air duct cleaning Leesburg VA services you’re in luck! Homeowners who are concerned about the state of their air ducts want to clean their residential air ducts regularly. This is a service that we at JCS Home Services will gladly take on our shoulders.

Although the importance of cleaning the air ducts routinely has been emphasized often, there is no clear answer of how often. Sad to say there is no single answer, the frequency of the cleaning will depend on a few factors. These are the most important factors worth considering when scheduling a regular air duct cleaning and maintenance service:

The General Rule

Try to think back on the last professional air duct cleaning you scheduled. If it has been more than 3 to 5 years, give our team a call right away. The most common agreed timeframe for regular air duct cleaning is anywhere from 3 to 5 years, but again this will depend on the factors we will enumerate below.


Homes or residential buildings that are located within a busy city should invest in regular air duct cleaning more often than every 3 years. A busy city where there are cars, factories, and other common air pollutants may result in dirty air filters more often. However, if your home is located in a quiet suburban area, it is safe to stick to the general 3-year rule.

The best way to know if your ducts need cleaning is to contact your trusted cleaning service. Our JCS Home Services team is ready to accept your inquiries!


Another factor that can affect the intervals between air duct cleaning is the humidity inside your home. Houses that are very humid and damp are the perfect place for mold growth. Mold and mildew will easily invade the air ducts and the spores can be delivered from room to room, causing a serious infestation.

It is best to get the air ducts checked at least once a year for mold treatment to prevent an infestation from happening. Do not wait until the very distinct mold or mildew smell is present in your home, by then it can be too late and the damage has already spread.


Homes that house several pets may also require cleaning long before the 3-year mark. Pets that shed such as cats and dogs will affect the air ducts. Their fur and dander can accumulate inside the ducts and cause a clog which will affect the indoor air quality. Try to be more active in scheduling an air duct cleaning when you are sharing your home with pets.

Consult With A Professional Air Duct Cleaning Crew

It is normal to still feel confused if your air ducts need cleaning or when the next cleaning should be scheduled. Instead of guessing, we suggest that you contact our cleaning crew from more information. Just visit our website or send us an email at We’ll be waiting for your inquiry about the air duct cleaning Leesburg VA services we offer.