Air Duct Cleaning Reston VA

The importance of professional air duct cleaning Reston VA companies provide is still being questioned to this day. Most homeowners take for granted how much they depend on the air ducts for the circulation of clean air. This usually results in air ducts going unchecked and uncleaned for several years which can cause some serious health problems.

We at JCS Home Services want our clients to know the importance of clean indoor air and how they can benefit from regularly cleaned ducts. Here are a few facts about air ducts and how allowing them to accumulate dirt can have adverse effects on you and your family:

Breathing Problems

A clogged air duct filter that has not been cleaned for some time can collapse. When the filtration system of the ducts fail this leads to the circulation of dust, dirt, and other allergens that can breathing problems. Residents of the home suffer from asthma are the first to get affected as contaminated air will trigger their asthma. Even those who do not have breathing problems will find it hard to breath when indoors.

Houses with dirty air ducts tend to uncomfortable and the people living within the walls experience more health problems as the years pass.

Dust Invasion

Since a dirty air duct can no longer filter the air properly dust will start to enter the rooms. At first, it may not be obvious, but when allowed to prolong the dust will settle on furniture and the corners of the room. When the air ducts are cleaned and filters aren’t replaced, dust will continue to accumulate making it harder to maintain a clean home.

Dust accumulation can vary depending on your location, but our JCS Home Services crew can help minimize this occurrence once we have checked and cleaned all of the air ducts inside your home.

Minimize Indoor Pollutants

Not all pollutants come from the outdoors. Particles from cooking emissions and indoor sprays can also affect the state of your air duct. Grease, in particular, will accumulate inside the air ducts and no amount of air flow can get rid of the build up. If your kitchen area has an air duct or a ventilation system, it is best to get our team to inspect it in case grease or any other indoor particles have damaged the ducts and its filtration system.

Managing Mold Infestations

One very harmful side-effect of not cleaning the air ducts regularly is a mold and mildew infestation. Homes that are damp and humid are often accompanied by a strong mildew smell. This is because the spores of the mold and mildew are being circulated from one room to the next by the air ducts.

One small infestation can easily grow when it is not treated by our team. Do not risk the health of your family or the structural integrity of your home, get the air ducts cleaned and treated right away.

Professional Air Duct Cleaners

Don’t hesitate to call us at (571) 299-9389 if you have an air duct cleaning emergency. Our air duct cleaning Reston VA team will be happy to assist you right away!