Chimney Cleaning Alexandria VA

chimney cleaning
An annual chimney cleaning or chimney inspection in Alexandria VA is not only essential in ensuring that your fireplace operates efficiently, but also in reducing the fire risk in your home. Keep in mind that the purpose of the chimney is to act as an exhaust pipe for the fireplace, so that sparks and embers can be funneled out of the house. It also acts as a ventilation system that prevents harmful gases such as carbon monoxide from building up indoors. Exposure to carbon monoxide results to poisoning, with symptoms resembling the flu. Prolonged exposure can result to brain damage or even death. Alexandria VA chimney sweeping can prevent this from happening by ensuring that the chimney is clear.

In addition, chimney cleaning services will also provide a range of other maintenance and repair services. The most important of these is an annual inspection and sweeping to ensure a clean chimney. A thorough cleaning will ensure that your chimney is swept clean of creosote. Creosote is a flammable substance, that is one of the primary causes of chimney fires. While the cleaning is being conducted, an inspection will be conducted to look for damage that needs to be addressed before fall comes and the fireplace is used regularly. These can include cracks in the mortar and other damage such as gaps, as well as signs of water leaks in the chimney.

In between your regularly scheduled chimney cleaning services in Alexandria VA there are things that you can do to ensure that your fireplace is well maintained:

• Make sure that you use high quality firewood. The wood you burn in your fireplace should be sufficiently seasoned and dried to ensure that it burns cleanly and does not create more creosote deposits. Never use freshly-cut wood since it is still too moist to burn properly.

• Don’t burn too much wood in your fireplace. Stuffing it with wood can result in damage to your firebox. Instead, burn wood on a grate which should be placed behind your fireplace.

• If your fireplace does not have glass doors, place wire mesh in front of it. Sparks and embers from the fire will be trapped in the mesh, eliminating fire risks.

• Remove anything around your fireplace which may be flammable. This will reduce the risk that sparks flying from the fireplace will land on something and catch fire.

• As much as possible, burn your fires hot. The hotter the gases in the flue, the less likely creosote will condense, and it will also make it easier for them to escape through the chimney.

JCS Home Services offers a full range of North Virginia chimney cleaning services. In addition to the annual chimney sweeping which can be done from inside or outside the house, we offer level one and level two inspections to determine if there is any damage in the chimney that needs to be repaired. We also offer installation and repair of chimney crowns and caps. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our Alexandria VA chimney cleaning services as well as our great discounts.