Centreville VA Dryer Vent Cleaning

Fire experts do not often tell you this, but dirty lint-filled dryer vents are a cause for a high number of fires in the United States. This is why your dryer needs professional maintenance and cleaning from time to time. In fact, apart from the prevention of fires, which is a major concern, cleaning ensures that your dryer works optimally without the risk of constant breakdowns.

How lint buildup leads to drying inefficiencies and fire

We know you might be asking how lint, fire, and your dryer correlate. Whenever you put in your clothes in the dryer, particles of the clothes shed off. These fibers are always so little that it is really not a problem at first. As time goes by the lint particles build up along the only easily accessible outlet area, dryer’s vent ducts.

The vent duct is meant to allow for adequate airflow which creates sufficient drying environment. Lint buildup on the duct does the exact opposite. Lint is combustible and with a buildup of hot air in the ducts it readily catches fire. Additionally, delayed drying means that your dryer will use more energy. So if your energy costs have increased considerably within the last one year and yet you still retain the same number of appliances it might be time to call a specialist. Talking of time, when was the last time you had your vent ducts cleaned?

It is recommended that you should have the ducts thoroughly cleaned at least once in a year. Most people are comfortable with a constant brush of the ducts and replacement of the vent mesh. This DIY approach is commendable. Nonetheless, professional service is better, because apart from mechanical brushing we are able to inspect the state of your whole vent for signs of warping and recommend repairs on the duct.

Our dryer vent cleaning services process

Within Centreville VA, JCS Home Services undoubtedly ranks among the top. Our simple and transparent cleaning process is broken down as follows;

Duct, vent and trap inspection: The first thing we always do is to inspect the physical conditions of the whole dryer vent system. This helps ascertain that the vent is in good physical working condition. It also informs the level of cleaning required on your duct vents

Cleaning of the dryer: Using safe, industrial grade cleaning materials we will embark on doing a thorough cleanup of those vent ducts. Our service will ensure that cleanup is not just in the immediate sections on the dryer and connector corner vent sections. We will clean the whole vent up to the point that the duct connects to the outer side of your home. Thus, you can be sure that no traces of debris will remain in the ducts.

After cleanup reassessment: Upon cleanup, a reassessment of the duct’s condition is done. An airflow measurement is carried out to ensure that the ducts are in the best condition. If anything that requires our client’s attention is noticed, we note it down and inform the client. We also provide guidance on issues that might have been noted during the cleaning

Why us?

Experience: having been in the business for more than six years we have built up a lot of experience in the various types of dryer vent ducts. There is very little likelihood that your vent is one we have never come across. When seeking for a service you would be in good hands having a professional that understands your needs and requirements. As such with JCS Home services you are in good hands.

Reliability: Who does not love a reliable service? We understand our clients’ need for a reliable service and so we make it a point to provide you with the highest quality service all the way from customer service to the actual operation. We carry out our service fast and efficiently enough to reduce work spillovers and call backs because we believe in providing the best of our service at one-go.

Pricing: We have very customer friendly pricing practices. We engage our customer in very open discussions on the needs and the amount of work that their ducts will entail. Based on those parameters we work out a good pricing plan. We also have very attractive discount rates, which you should consider getting. After all, there is nothing as good as a service that comes with ‘extra perks.’ Save on some service fee.

Need a completely convenient, quality-oriented dryer vent cleaning service? Look no further. JCS Home Services just got you one, us. You can call us, get to our customer contact and leave a message on our website contact form or directly email us. We will get back to you soon enough. We will even make a visit to your house for a pre-assessment. Call us today.