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JCS isn’t your ordinary home improvement company in Fairfax VA. Unlike a lot of other companies in the NoVA region, we at JCS make cleaning chimneys a specialty.

Chimney cleaning, also known as chimney sweeping, is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Seriously, it has to be done periodically by professional chimney sweeps – generally, at least once a year – in order to keep soot and creosote from building up on the masonry work of the chimney, thereby raising the risk of a chimney fire.

That’s why a call to the JCS office at 571-299-9389 is a sensible thing for the Fairfax VA homeowner to do. Make your appointment for chimney service before winter comes!

Yes, Dirty Chimneys Can Catch Fire

Probably the No. 1 Reason To Hire JCS’ Chimney Service

Every year across the country including here in Fairfax, Virginia, house fires are caused by rooftop chimney fires, themselves caused by dirty or faulty chimneys. Regular chimney sweeps can prevent such potential devastation.

The chimney sweeps of JCS offer Fairfax VA customers the complete array of chimney service, including chimney inspections, chimney repairs, and especially chimney sweeping – every service necessary keep your chimney and fireplace in good repair, avoid safety hazards, and allow your family to rest assured they’ll be both safe and comfortable inside their own home.

Protect Your Living Space & Your Lungs: Don’t Breathe Smoke

Another Great Reason To Keep a Clean Chimney & Wood-Burning Stove

No home is completely clean unless the fireplace or wood stove and rooftop chimney are all clean too. Keeping fireplaces clean helps avoid toxic fume buildup in your home, which can cause people and pets to inhale smoke and other injurious particulate matter, exacerbating allergies, asthma, and other breathing conditions.

Take care of the vital respiratory systems of your family as well as your visitors. Make sure to get your rooftop chimney, wood-stove fireplace and entire apparatus cleaned, inspected, and repaired by JCS’ chimney services in Fairfax VA.

So How Often Do I Need Chimney Sweeps?

It’s Smart To Get a Chimney Inspection & Cleaning Every 12 Months

A rooftop chimney should be inspected and cleaned once a year, with masonry and brick repair performed as needed by an experienced local chimney technicians.

Fireplace inserts and freestanding woodstoves should be inspected every year and cleaned as necessary. Open fireplaces should be cleaned every two to three years or after every cord of wood burned.

It’s also a good time to call the chimney sweeps at JCS at 571-299-9389 whenever any appreciable amount of soot and creosote accumulates on the chimney masonry.

When Is Chimney Sweeping Season in Northern Virginia? Which Month Do I Call JCS for Chimney Service?

Anytime Works To Hire Chimney Sweeps – But Beat the Pre-Winter Rush!

Frankly, the best time to call JCS for a chimney service, repair, and cleaning appointment is exactly when you’re not thinking much about your chimney, fireplace, or wood stove – that is, during the summer and early fall months when the Sun is usually providing all the fire you need.

But winter is inevitable and when it comes you’ll want to crank up the thermostat the old-fashioned way, using wood as fuel, the fireplace as the combustion chamber, and the chimney as the exhaust pipe. You’ll want the whole system clean and functional; you don’t want to discover the need for chimney sweeps and repairs on that first cold night.

That’s why you’ll be glad you called JCS at 571-299-9389 way back in the summertime, setting up a set-time appointment with our chimney sweeps to ensure everything about your rooftop chimney would be ready to beat the chill.

How Long Does Chimney Sweeping Take in Fairfax VA?

Generally About an Hour, Give or Take, Depending on Fireplace Equipment

From the time our chimney technicians set up the cleaning equipment, through the actual cleaning itself, to the post-cleaning cleanup, to the disassembling of our equipment and reloading back on the JCS truck, a typical cleaning of a home’s chimney and fireplace can take as little as an hour.

That timeframe could be more or less, depending upon the type of fireplace you have. Woodstove inserts may take a little longer, up to three hours depending on how frequently it is used, the way it is run, and the kind of wood burned. A pre-fabricated gas fireplace, however, may take as little as 45 minutes to clean.

Regardless of the particulars of your rooftop chimney, wood-burning stove, or living-space fireplace, the professional chimney sweeps of JCS work to ensure the process is completed efficiently and with minimal mess.

Cleaning Plus: Even More Rooftop Chimney Services

The Most Comprehensive Chimney Cleaning Fairfax VA Customers Can Get

In addition to cleaning, masonry repairs, and chimney cap repairs in Fairfax VA, the chimney sweeps of JCS are experienced experts in chimney inspections as well as installation, replacement, and repair of masonry, a new liner, crowns, or caps. We also perform expert pressure-washing of chimney exteriors.

The installation of a cap or crown helps protect the chimney from inclement weather such as snow, rain and sleet, thereby reducing the need for chimney damage and potentially costly repairs.

Level One & Level Two Chimney Inspections

Among Our Other Services Most Chimney Businesses Don’t Offer

In addition to sweeping chimneys in the Fairfax VA service area, JCS offers Level One and Level Two chimney inspections.

Level One inspections are conducted on a purely visual basis. Our trained chimney technicians examine the readily accessible areas of the fireplace with a flashlight, such as the outer and inner hearth, the smoke chamber, throat, flue, firebox, and rooftop chimney exterior. Such inspections are standard with every chimney service.

Level Two inspections are more detailed, performed with video equipment. The unblinking lens of the camera can pick up gaps and cracks in the chimney masonry that aren’t readily identifiable by the naked eye. Level Two chimney inspections come with a written report detailing the findings and making recommendations for repairs.

We’re the Premier Chimney Technicians in All of Fairfax

Chimney Sweeps for the Entire Fairfax County Service Area

Whenever a homeowner in Fairfax VA needs rooftop chimney sweeps or chimney repairs, they never go wrong when they contact JCS at 571-299-9389.

Over a decade in business, the chimney sweeps of JCS have developed a solid reputation throughout the Fairfax County and Northern Virginia service areas for on-time chimney service (chimney repairs and cleaning) that gets the job done right at a fair price – giving your family the peace-of-mind you deserve.

So make JCS your Fairfax chimney sweeps. We visit homes in Fairfax City, Falls Church, Alexandria, Herndon, and Vienna, plus the unincorporated areas of Centreville, Chantilly, Oakton, Lorton, Great Falls and Tysons Corner VA. We even travel across the Potomac to inspect, clean, and repair chimneys in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Takoma Park MD, and Washington DC.

JCS: The Chimney Sweep Company To Keep in Northern Virginia!

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There’s a reason we earn so many 5-star reviews online, and why so many customers refer their neighbors, friends, and family to our business: It’s because we say what we mean, mean what we say, and do an excellent job at a fair price every single time.

Get the peace-of-mind that comes from our chimney services in Fairfax, Virginia. Call the JCS office at 571-299-9389, email, or fill out the contact form on this website to get a FREE fast quote from your local professional chimney sweeps.

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