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Reasons Why Your Chimney Is Leaking (And How To Solve Them)

Chimney leaks are among the most prevalent problems of homeowners, especially for those who don’t schedule a regular chimney service with JCS Home Services. If you do not deal with these leaks immediately, then you will most likely end up spending thousands of dollars in chimney repairs.

To help you understand chimney leaks, here are a few reasons why your chimney is leaking, and some ways on how to solve it.

No Chimney Cover

Without a chimney cover, water from rain, snow, etc. will make its way down the flue. Not only will this cause leaks, but it will also make the chimney more susceptible to damage.

The solution is simply to have a chimney cover installed. There are many designs and options to choose from today. Also, with a cover, debris and animals are hindered from making their way into the chimney, making it easier for chimney sweeps to do a chimney cleaning.

Chimney Crown Damage

A chimney crown is the cement layer at the very top of a chimney. It is designed to seal and cover the top of the chimney, and thus gets a lot of wear-and-tear. If small cracks are not sealed at once, freezing water, structure shifts, or shrinkage can force the cracks to become bigger.

To fix this, chimney sweeps can apply a good coating to seal up any cracks. However, if the cracks are too large, you may have to opt for completely replacing the chimney crown. So, before that happens, ask your chimney sweep to have the crown coated each time they’re doing a Falls Church chimney cleaning.

Problems with Flashing

Flashing is the metal sheet that fills the gap between your roof and the chimney. The sealing product typically used there is tar, although there are plenty of other specialty sealants available now. The flashing and its sealant wear out in time, and this can cause an opening for water to seep through.

A simple way to fix this is by reapplying a sealant to the flashing. Also, ask your local chimney sweeps if they have better sealant solutions other than waterproof tar. You should also have the flashing inspected each time you have a chimney cleaning in Falls Church.

Cracks in Masonry

Bricks and mortar of your chimney will wear out over time. This can lead to cracks in the masonry, which will cause water to seep in. Also, if bricks are exposed to water for a long time and not dried by the sun or summer air, the water may end up inside the house instead.

To fix this, applying waterproofing material on the masonry surface can help. Some Falls Church chimney cleaning sweeps will also do special tests to determine if your chimney is badly in need of waterproofing, so ask them about that, too.

Fix Leaks and Avoid Them

The best way to solve a leaking chimney is to call companies specializing in chimney repair or chimney cleaning. Chimney sweeps like those from JCS Home Services will be more than happy to assist you in repairing any leak. JCS Home Services offers only the best service and professionals to help you with any problems you may have, including chimney leaks.

Leaks can be serious problems to chimneys and homes. However, it doesn’t have to be a problem once you deal with companies specializing in chimney repair and chimney cleaning. So, ask the chimney sweep, like those from JCS Home Services, to do a thorough chimney inspection every time they come for a chimney cleaning in Falls Church VA.