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If you haven’t had a certified, reputable company come out to perform chimney sweep services in a while, then the time is definitely now. The chimney technicians at JCS have lived in Northern Virginia our entire lives, so we know a couple of things: 1) It can get chilly here in the winter months, and 2) You really need a good chimney sweep to come in and do a very thorough job sweeping out the inside of that chimney at least once a year . . . before winter’s chill sets in and you crank up the wood stove or gas fireplace.

Why Hire JCS as Your Leesburg Chimney Sweeps on an Annual Basis?

Reduce Fire Risk with Regular Chimney Cleanings

It’s ironic, but chimneys can actually cause fires if they’re dirty enough. Literally thousands of housefires in the United States are accidentally started each year due to a conflagration that first ignited within the chimney column, and leapt through a crack in the chimney liner onto the roof or siding.

It’s true: Dirty chimneys can be a safety hazard. That seemingly harmless fireplace smoke creates a residue inside your home’s chimney called creosote, a flammable material. Thick creosote residues in unkempt chimneys are very likely to cause chimney fires that may silently creep to other rooms of the house and lead to massive property damage.

A dirty chimney can also prevent carbon monoxide, a dangerous and odorless gas produced through burning, to escape to the chimney and outside the house. When that happens, it is very likely for this noxious gas to spread throughout your home and become a silent killer.

Don’t let your first fire this winter become your last. Take the moment to call the experienced chimney technicians of JCS Home Services of Leesburg, Virginia, at 571-299-9389. Get a FREE estimate, find out our affordable price, and make the investment in your family’s safety and your home’s well-being.

Can You Be Your Own Chimney Sweep?

Yes, but You Shouldn’t. Chimney Sweeping is a Highly Specialized (and Dirty) Job

If you have the equipment, the insurance, the knowledge, and the fortitude, sure, you can take a crack at being your own chimney sweep. But consider a few things:

  • Do you have the experience to recognize the need for chimney repairs or masonry work?
  • Are you also able to perform a thorough fireplace cleaning as well?
  • Are you willing to risk inhaling soot for hours?
  • Can you avoid injury working inside a slippery chimney?

Playing the role of chimney sweeps is not for the feint of heart. Chimney cleaners in Leesburg who do it for a living will tell you: Cleaning a chimney or a fireplace can be a dangerous and frankly a bit ugly job. Even with modern equipment, chimney sweeps still get awfully dirty and sooty in the course of performing their duty.

Rely on JCS Home Services of Leesburg VA to do your dirty work for you. We have the tools to reach through the chimney column and remove blockages caused by the buildup of creosote, soot, dirt, and debris, as well as animal nesting material and other stuff that interferes with the necessarily uninhibited outflow of smoke from pellet stoves, a wood stove, or wood-burning fireplaces. In addition, we have the knowledge to see where masonry repair is needed, solving small problems to prevent bigger ones later on.

Leesburg’s Highly-Trained Certified Technicians for Chimney and Fireplace Services

JCS Offers the Top Chimney Sweeping Services in Leesburg VA and Surrounding Areas

In the wintertime, your chimney and fireplace can be your best friends in the whole house – but if they’re in need of repairs or masonry work, fireplaces and chimneys can turn into mere decoration, non-functional and even potentially perilous.

So, before your heating needs dramatically increase this winter, call the most reliable chimney sweeps in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia: JCS Home Services, the hometown local chimney sweep, at 571-299-9389.

JCS Home Services has been in the contracting business for over 15 years, performing chimney cleaning, chimney repairs, and chimney inspections – among other services, such as gutter cleaning, basic HVAC system services, and air duct cleaning – for residential and commercial customers throughout the Leesburg VA area. That means we’ll come to your house or office building in Lansdowne, Waterford, Ashburn, or Sterling VA, or to any of the four quadrants of beautiful, historic Leesburg, Virginia.

With JCS, You Get Chimney Cleaning and Much More

We’re Chimney Sweeps Who Do Chimney Inspection, Too!

What good is it for your fireplace cleaners or chimney sweeps in Leesburg VA to come to your house, clean out your wood stove, fireplace, and/or chimney of soot and dirt and creosote and all other blockages and debris – and yet have absolutely no ability whatsoever to discern whether there’s any need for chimney repair or masonry repair?

Seriously, what’s the worth of chimney sweeps if they don’t have the knowledge or the experience to recognize when the chimney and fireplace need service?

You’ve already figured out that JCS Home Services of Northern Virginia is totally dedicated to doing a truly wonderful job every time we’re lucky enough to visit a customer’s home. Inspection is one of a multitude of high-quality services we offer as 5-star Leesburg chimney sweeps – in fact, we offer chimney inspection on two different levels (so to speak).

A Level One chimney inspection is a visual inspection without the use of specialty tools. The JCS tech uses a powerful flashlight to examine the readily accessible portions of your chimney, including the outer hearth, inner hearth, firebox, throat, smoke chamber, flue, and chimney’s exterior.

(Every time we perform a chimney cleaning service, we always perform a Level One inspection.)

Then there’s the Level Two chimney inspection, a special chimney service of JCS Home Services. Level Two chimney inspections utilize video camera equipment to see in-depth, closely inspecting the masonry, chimney liner, everything connecting the chimney, fireplace, and wood stove or pellet stoves. Aided by the unblinking eye of the camera, the video inspection will discover current or possible future cracks, gaps, and fissures in the chimney and fireplace apparatus – tiny but significant fractures and rifts that might not be so apparent in a Level One inspection.

(The Level Two inspection comes with a full written report outlining the condition of the chimney structure.)

It’s a very, very good idea to hire chimney sweeps who are also expert chimney inspectors – and who are also certified at chimney repair! You don’t want to have your heating needs go unmet this cold winter because your chimney & fireplace aren’t up to snuff.

Keep Your Leesburg VA House Warm and Safe This Winter

Call JCS Home Services for the Best Local Chimney Sweeps in Leesburg Virginia!

Loudoun County is a fascinating place. Just considering the central seat that is Leesburg VA, we see such a mix of old and new – from the stately farmland homes near Oatlands to the beautiful abodes of Belmont. Loudoun is full of fantastic places to live . . . and they need to be protected.

Protect your house with annual chimney cleaning by professional chimney sweeps based right here in Leesburg, Virginia – and get the additional peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that the certified chimney technicians of JCS Home Services have the experience to provide high-quality chimney repair service to keep your chimney and fireplace in great shape for the winter months to come.

Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning Once a Year by JCS Home Services

Uniformed Techs, Set-Time Appointments, and the Customer Service You’d Expect from a Family-Owned Business

There are a lot of reasons to make JCS Home Services your go-to local chimney sweep company. For one thing, there’s not much we haven’t encountered in more than 15 years as chimney sweeps and chimney repair techs serving Northern Virginia. While they may have some equipment in common, no two chimneys or fireplaces are made exactly alike; therefore, the services your particular chimney requires may need to be slightly customized.

That’s why you should rely on an experienced chimney sweep service like JCS Home Services. You’ll want someone providing you with the best possible advice about needed repairs or maintenance services so that your chimney, fireplace, even your wood stove or pellet stoves, are all ready for winter . . . because winter is always coming.

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