Chimney Cleaning Northern VA

Need to get your chimney cleaned? Chimney cleaning northern va!

It is important to keep all areas of your home clean and tidy. This includes the ones which are difficult to reach such as the chimney. How can you keep it clean? Simply contact our company JCS Home Services. Our company is based in Sterling, VA and has been operational for over half a decade. We provide specialized cleaning and inspection services such as chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning and gutter cleaning too.

Our cleaning technicians and chimney inspectors are all trained and certified to perform these jobs. In addition to that, we use high-tech equipment to perform these tasks. Our rates are affordable and our schedule is flexible. As such, you can schedule a cleaning session whenever you are available. Here is more about our company and the chimney cleaning northern va service that we provide.

Chimney cleaning northern va

Learn about JCS Home Services

Our company is dedicated to providing you with top quality chimney cleaning northern va. We have specialized in the sort of cleaning that you can’t be able to do on your own. Our cleaning personnel are more than ready to help at any time you want. We are a fully American company that has been recognized as one of the best vendors of 2015 by the LandLord Station organization. As a matter of fact, homeowners, landlords and property managers normally contact us for any and all house cleaning tasks.

While providing you with these services, we are fully dedicated to safety. This means that we emphasize that you engage in chimney and dryer vent cleaning at least once a year. Normally, chimneys and dryer vents accumulate lint and debris over time. Not only does this lead to possible blockage, it increases the chances of a fire brewing in these areas. To prevent this from happening in your home, you can hire our services. Here is what we have to offer you.

Chimney cleaning

The chimney works to direct fireplace smoke up and out of your home. Over time, this section of your house gets covered in a layer of soot and creosote. Regulation indicates that if the layer becomes 1.8” thick, you should consult professional cleaners to get rid of it. We are more than able to accomplish this in your home. Our technicians will come over and systematically clean your chimney. They can clean up sections of your chimney such as the smoke chamber, fire box, flue and throat. This leaves your chimney clean and ready for safe use.

We are capable of providing chimney cleaning northern va services that extend beyond just cleaning it. We can install special parts upon your chimney so as to increase its lifespan and protect your home. They include:

  • A chimney crown
  • A chimney cap

The chimney crown prevents weather elements such as rain, sleet or snow from entering your chimney. We can install one for you in readiness for these extreme seasons. Our technicians install this cap such that it has a downward slope that directs water from the flue to the crown’s edge. This directs the run off.

A chimney cap is a versatile piece of equipment. Not only does it cover your chimney so that weather elements cannot enter it, the cap also acts as a lightning arrestor and prevents pests such as raccoons, birds and squirrels from living or entering your chimney. We are masters at chimney cap installation and can provide you with this service on demand.

Dryer vent cleaning

This is a section of our homes which plays an important role. Over time, it also accumulates dust and lint. As such, we always need to clean it once a year. If the vent gets hot and the lint inside catches fire, it can lead to a major catastrophe at your home. At JCS Home Services, we are more than ready to come over and clean your dryer vent for you. Our technicians make use of industry standard procedures and high tech tools to perform this task. By contacting us to provide this service, you can protect your home from fire and also improve the efficiency of your dryer. It will actually work faster than before hence saving you energy costs.


Cleaning your home is one of the tasks required for maintaining it well. We can help you to clean up the more challenging sections of your house. Our cleaning professionals are trained in how to clean chimneys and much more. We ensure that your home is clean and safe from preventable calamities. Simply send an email to to request our services. You can also call us at 571-299-9389 or send a message through the form available in our website. By navigating to and filling in the form, you can ask questions or book an appointment for some cleaning in your home.