Chimney Cleaning Northern Virginia

The Most Common Issues with Chimneys

It is a known fact that regular chimney cleaning Northern Virginia by local chimney cleaners – JCS Home Services helps prevent chimney issues from happening. However, to help you get an idea of the things that may affect your chimney’s performance, here are some of the most common issues that you will most likely encounter.


Creosote is released when wood is burned. It is essentially a mix of soot and tar, and is highly flammable. A creosote buildup can block the chimney’s passageway, and be a potential fire hazard to your home. Prevent this chimney issue by scheduling a regular chimney cleaning Northern Virginia at least once a year.


Even with a proper chimney cap and chimney crown, moisture is still a problem for chimneys. It can force bricks to pop out of the masonry, and even cause white stains to appear on your chimney. Asking a chimney sweep to waterproof your chimney should help you avoid this common issue.


Since the chimney is a good hiding place for animals, many critters can make the flue their home. Also, leaves and twigs can make their way into it, especially if trees surround your house. Blockage from either of these can be dangerous if not removed with Northern Virginia chimney cleaning, since it can cause smoke to be blown indoors, and even cause chimney fires.

Cracks in Chimney Lining

The flue lining withstands a lot of temperature changes and deposits. However, cracks in the chimney lining could mean a house fire if a rogue ember lights up the flammable portions of your house. Some chimney sweeps can do in-depth inspections on the flue to check for problems, such as using video equipment and the like, so calling them up about this would be wise.

Chimney Leaks

A leak is a common issue in chimneys. After all, there are many reasons why it would leak: broken masonry, cracks in the chimney crown, or problems with the flashing. Leaks, if not fixed immediately, can cause structural damage to your home. If you are experiencing a leak, ask a chimney sweep who does your chimney cleaning Northern Virginia to do an inspection at once.

Masonry Problems

Brick and mortar deteriorate over time. Without proper care and maintenance, it can result to the chimney’s eventual collapse. Waterproofing and applying sealant usually helps, but sometimes, tuckpointing might be necessary. With tuckpointing, chimney sweeps remove the damaged mortar and replace it with new mortar. Ask your chimney sweep during Northern Virginia chimney cleaning whether the masonry needs work, and try to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Irregular Chimney Maintenance

Almost any chimney issue can easily be spotted with regular maintenance. So, it is best to schedule cleaning at least once a year with trained professionals. JCS Home Services always sends only qualified professionals for each job they take on. They have also gained popularity for their reliable services and affordable rates. Try them today if you are having any chimney concerns.

Fix Common Issues ASAP

Your chimney protects your house and your family from fire. That is why you should also be wary about common chimney problems, since they could pose a threat to its lifespan. If you have a chimney issue, call a company specializing in chimney repair and chimney cleaning Northern Virginia, like JCS Home services, immediately to keep your home safe for a long time to come.