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Keep Your Family Safe with Professional Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning & Repairs

Major Problems Are Caused By Common Chimney Issues

Questions? Ask the Expert Rooftop Chimney Sweeps at JCS Home Services!

When you’ve been providing professional chimney sweep and chimney repair services for folks in Northern Virginia for over 15 years, well, it’s easy to pick up a thing or two about chimneys. (And when you’re certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, rest assured you know a lot about chimneys.)

That’s what JCS Home Services brings to your job, whether that’s chimney repairs or cleaning: Expert rooftop chimney sweeps who know pretty much everything there is to know about your chimney – and why it’s so vitally important to do a thorough chimney sweeping at least once a year.

For Safety’s Sake: Keep the Fire in the Fireplace & the Smoke out of the House

JCS’s Local Chimney Technicians Are Ready To Thoroughly Inspect Your Chimney

One of the great qualities that separates JCS Home Services of Northern Virginia from other companies is that we’re rooftop chimney sweeps who do quite a bit more than chimney sweeping. We’re full-on chimney technicians, meaning we’re qualified to perform chimney masonry repair, brick repair, and inspection of the entire chimney/fireplace/wood-burning-stove apparatus. When you hire JCS to inspect, repair, and/or sweep your chimney, you will know everything there is to know about it – and what our techs can do to fix it.

There’s good reason why you should call JCS at 571-299-9389 for chimney service once a year, usually before winter sets in and you crank the wood stove or gas fireplace up to full blast: Safety. A clean chimney is a safe chimney, but a dirty chimney caked with combustible soot and creosote is a fearful fire hazard, resulting in a situation that must with haste be rectified. Prevent housefires by hiring JCS Home Services as your annual rooftop chimney sweeps.

Why Does a Homeowner Need Chimney Sweeps Anyway?

What Could Go Wrong Without Regular Chimney Sweep Service?

Great questions; glad you asked! In addition to playing it safe and lowering the chance of your house catching on fire, hiring chimney sweeps also has the added benefit of keeping your home cleaner and more free of the sort of debris that can be harmful to the respiratory systems of everyone forced to breathe it.

Reducing the risk of fire outside the fireplace, and breathing cleaner air. Two fantastic reasons to call the Northern Virginia chimney sweeps of JCS Home Services at 571-299-9389 for expert chimney repair and chimney services. It’s a smart way to protect your family’s safety.

Common Issue No. 1: Creosote Buildup On Chimney Masonry

Did You Know There’s Something Call Creosote and It’s Bad?

Creosote is a mix of soot and tar, and it’s highly flammable. It is released when wood is burned in a wood stove or fireplace, where it’s carried up by smoke until it sticks to the brick walls. Creosote accumulates until it potentially blocks the chimney passageway, creating a fire hazard in your home.

The chimney sweeps of JCS Home Services remove creosote completely, allowing smoke to easily rise through the chimney column and safely out of the house.

Common Issue No. 2: Moisture & Water Leaks

Caps & Crowns May Not Always Protect Against Stormwater Intrusion

Even if your chimney has a cap or a crown installed, rainwater might still find its way into the masonry – due to cracks in the crown, broken bricks, or problems with the roof flashing. This can force bricks to pop out and white stains to appear. Fixing leaks and waterproofing your chimney is a solution that could be indicated for your situation – and just the thing for the JCS chimney sweeps to take care of.

Common Issue No. 3: Chimney Lining Cracks

Don’t Wait Till Too Late To Find Out You Need Masonry Repairs

Chimneys are just like the rest of us: They naturally deteriorate with age. Pay attention to your chimney’s entire system as it ages, because with the temperature fluctuations of the seasons, it’s more likely to develop cracks which could lead to a house fire with just one rogue ember. That’s why regular maintenance – an annual chimney checkup, you could say – is so important.

The rooftop chimney sweeps of JCS Home Services are expert specialists in identifying and carrying out necessary chimney repairs, including and especially waterproofing, sealing, tuckpointing, and performing repairs on the chimney’s flue lining. Take proper care of your wood-burning chimney’s brick-and-mortar masonry work, and it’ll take care of you.

Common Issue No. 4: Animal Nests & Other Obstructions

Critters Could Make Your Chimney Their Home

You can’t blame a bird or a squirrel or some forsaken creature for thinking that a chimney is a fine home to live in. It makes a great hiding place and is perfect for building a nest. But a chimney flue is no place for animals. Not only are they and their offspring endangered by smoke, the leaves and twigs of their nests can clog up and block the chimney’s passageway, endangering you and your family.

The solution is JCS Home Services chimney cleaning, Northern Virginia!

JCS Offers 5-Star Chimney Service to All of Northern VA

Chimney Sweeps Covering the NoVA Service Area from Berryville to Fairfax, Virginia

JCS Home Services is a vibrant, successful, trusted and time-tested local small business, founded and based right here in Northern Virginia. As professional contractors who specialize in certified chimney service, the techs of JCS are welcomed at residences across all NoVA service areas:

Arlington County – Ballston, Shirlington, Rosslyn, Crystal City

Fairfax County – Centreville, Vienna, McLean, Tysons Corner, Reston, Great Falls

Loudoun County – Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Purcellville, Middleburg, Lovettsville

Prince William County – Woodbridge, Dumfries, Manassas, Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket

…plus the independent cities of Falls Church VA, Fairfax VA, and Alexandria VA.

If you own a home in the Northern Virginia service area, and that home has a wood stove or a fireplace vented by a chimney (rebuilt or original), then it behooves you to hire NoVA’s premier chimney sweeps: JCS Home Services!

Need Chimney Cleaning, chimney Inspection or Chimney Repairs in Northern Virginia? Get JCS on the Case

If It’s Been More Than a Year, It’s Time To Contact Us

No matter what heat source is connected to your chimney – whether that’s an old-fashioned wood stove or one of those fancy fireplaces – what you really want is for your Northern Virginia chimney sweeps to do an excellent job at a fair price.

That’s exactly what JCS does.

Everything you need to keep your chimneys and wood-burning fireplaces in tip-top shape, JCS Home Services can do. From masonry services to fix cracks in the lining, to pressure-washing the exterior, JCS Home Services of Northern Virginia are your full-service rooftop chimney sweeps.

Own a home in the Northern Virginia service area? Got a chimney? Call JCS today at 571-299-9389 or use the easy form on the right-hand side of every page on the JCS website to get your free estimate and schedule your chimney cleaning appointment!