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Whether you use your chimney once or twice a year, or there’s a fire in the fireplace four or five nights a week during the Reston winter, annual chimney cleaning, repairs, and inspection is a standard part of smart homeownership, for several reasons.

Fire Prevention

Annual Chimney Sweeping Removes Flammable Creosote

Each year across the United States including right here in Northern Virginia, thousands of house fires can be directly attributed to dirty chimneys. All that soot and creosote builds up, creating the perfect environment for a chimney fire, which may leap to the rest of the house.

Creosote is highly flammable, being comprised of caked carboniferous material produced by the burning of wood in a wood stove or fireplace. Its existence is hazardous to your chimney’s health.

JCS Home Services of Reston VA has the right acumen, experience, and (most importantly) home-inspection equipment to perform a thorough chimney sweep, ensuring that your chimney is free of chemical accumulations that could cause a devastating, life-altering house fire.

Cleaner Air

Regular Maintenance Keeps the Air You Breathe Clean

When ash, soot, creosote, and other potential blockages begin to affect the flow of smoke from the wood stove or fireplace, up the chimney, and out of the house, the chimney’s smoke filter becomes less effective at filtering the air of harmful smoke particles. At that point your fireplace becomes a legitimate health and safety hazard.

Look for these warning signs of dirty air:

  • Haze in the room when the fireplace is in use.
  • Strong smell of smoke.
  • Complaints of throat irritation among family members and visiting company.

Those are serious symptoms. JCS Home Services’ Chimney Sweeps in Reston VA takes care of your family by making sure your chimney and fireplace – including chimney cap and air filters – are clean and in good repair for the winter season!

Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Avoid the Odorless, Invisible, Deadly Gas with Chimney Cleaning & Chimney Inspection

Carbon monoxide (CO) causes hundreds of deaths in the United States each year, and every instance is a tragedy that’s usually avoidable. Carbon monoxide is commonly produced in the burning of hydrocarbons such as wood, but it’s also a byproduct of gas fireplace models too. If your home does not have a CO detector plugged in with a working battery backup, you’re taking an unnecessary risk.

Lower that risk by making all necessary repairs and having a clean chimney. Hire JCS Home Services, the top chimney sweeps in the Reston VA service area.

Prolong Chimney Lifespan

Chimney Repairs to the Masonry Work Will Keep Your Chimney in Service Longer

From the chimney cap and crown right down to the fireplaces, if you take good care of your chimney, it’ll take care of you for a long time. And of all the companies and contractors in the Reston VA service area offering chimney sweeps and fireplace repair, the team at JCS is the best equipped to get your entire chimney/fireplace/wood-stove apparatus in tip-top shape for wintertime. It’s what we’re in business to do.

Maximize the useful life of your chimney and fireplace with complete fireplace repairing and chimney services by JCS of Reston, Virginia.

Before Winter’s Cold Sets In, Make a Chimney Sweeping Appointment With JCS

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There’s a reason so many customers in the NoVA service area can’t say enough good things about JCS Home Services as professional chimney sweeps when they write rave reviews about the wonderful job our local small company does. If your location is Reston VA, our Chimney Sweep Team can help with your chimneys and fireplaces too.

JCS Home Services has been in business for a long time, providing the same great chimney contractor service to Reston VA homeowners now as we did back in 2015 or 2010 or even 2005. Our customers know they’ll get our best chimney sweep and chimney repair work on every project, every year, always at a reasonable price. Cost should never be a hindrance to safety.

Next time you use your fireplace, experience the peace-of-mind of a clean chimney in good repair – and at great pricing, too! Hire the highly trained, expert chimney sweeping and chimney repair technicians of JCS Home Services in Reston VA. Call 571-299-9389 or click the Contact tab in the upper right.