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Make Sure Fires Stay in the Fireplace!

You ask a lot from your fireplace and chimney. You want a fireplace that keeps your family warm in winter, accentuates your living space year-round, and holds the fire in its place while shunting soot and smoke out through the chimney. Your fireplace and chimney is a vital work area in any Fairfax home.

Fireplaces and chimneys are wonderful things – when they work right. Without repairs, however, fireplaces and chimneys can be dangerous fire hazards. The wise decision for Fairfax VA homeowners is to call JCS for regular chimney cleaning, chimney repairs – and of course chimney inspecting to catch any issues before serious problems arise.

Take great care of your fireplace and chimney – so they can take the best care of your family in Fairfax VA.

Top Reasons Why a Homeowner Needs Regular Chimney Inspections

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Do yourself the big favor of having the chimney and fireplace of your Fairfax VA home inspected at least once per year.

For the well-being of your Fairfax VA home and the safety of your family, inspecting your chimney for potentially important repairs is a crucial project to undertake. Whether you own a wood-burning stove installation with air ducts, or a standard-masonry chimney column with fireplace inserts, having your chimney inspected regularly for needed repair is a smart way to avert the dangers that come with a soot-caked or broken chimney.

Why should Fairfax VA homeowners call JCS for their next chimney project? Because being safe matters most. If cracks develop in masonry but repairs aren’t done, smoke can backdraft into the home. If your wood stove or chimney is caked in soot and creosote, but chimney sweeps aren’t brought in, the risk of fire rises significantly. If the areas around the gas fireplace or wood stove aren’t up to code, issues can worsen and more expensive repairs may be necessary.

At JCS, we appreciate every Fairfax VA customer who knows the value of regular chimney and wood stove inspection and repairs. It means they’re protecting their biggest investment – their home – and their family at the same time.

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Level One Chimney Inspections

Our Professionals Visually Inspect All Accessible Areas of Your Chimney

Standard Service Included With Every Chimney Services Project

Armed with a flashlight, our eyes, and our years of chimney sweeping experience, the chimney technicians of JCS carefully inspect, examine, and thoroughly review everything we can see. That includes the flue, firebox, smoke chamber, chimney caps, inner and outer hearths of the fireplace, wood stove or gas fireplace installation (as applicable), and the exterior walls of the chimney.

We then report our findings to the clients, recommending any necessary repair to ensure top performance from your fireplace and chimney when you need them most.

Level Two Chimney Inspections

Our Professionals Use Video Equipment To Look for Cracks & Gaps In Your Chimney

Customers Receive a Full Written Report

Contrary to popular belief, chimney sweeps aren’t like Santa Claus – we can’t shimmy ourselves down the chimney and inspect it as we go. For an in-depth examination of possibly necessary chimney maintenance and repairs, we send a camera to do the dirty work.

Our Level 2 inspection examines everything examined in a Level 1 inspection, and much more. We take video of the chimney interior, looking for cracks and gaps in the chimney masonry work that could be missed by a visual exam.

Then we submit a written report to the clients, advising them on any needed repair or upkeep to ensure their chimney and fireplace or wood-burning stove is in top shape in advance of winter’s chill.

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Instant Savings on Chimney Sweeps, Chimney Repairs & Chimney Inspections

At JCS, we believe Fairfax VA homeowners should be rewarded for being proactive. That means the costs of chimney sweeping (i.e., chimney cleaning) and chimney repair shouldn’t be excessive. After all, you made the right call by calling JCS to perform your chimney project – so you deserve a break on the price!

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For over 15 years, the qualified chimney techs of JCS have provided chimney cleaning in Fairfax VA, as well as fireplace cleaning, and chimney inspecting to customers throughout Northern Virginia.

You’ll find one of our JCS vans all over the NoVA map, cleaning chimneys, inspecting fireplace masonry and chimney liners, doing animal remediation, and performing expert chimney repair in our service areas of Fairfax County, Loudoun County and beyond, including Chantilly, Clifton, Herndon, Great Falls, Alexandria, Falls Church, Tysons Corner, Lorton, Burke, and Vienna VA.

Excellent customer service is our top priority on every project, so we appreciate every 5-star review JCS receives – and we look forward to earning a 5-star review from you, too!

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When thinking about your next chimney project, think of the chimney sweeps of JCS. We’re Northern Virginia natives and experienced chimney pros, and we look forward to serving all your chimney needs – residential, industrial, or business.

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