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Warning Signs that Mean your Chimney Needs Immediate Repairs

A chimney problem should immediately be fixed by a company specializing in chimney repair, like JCS Home Services in Fairfax. After all, a chimney that is not well-maintained can pose a fire risk to your family and your home. To prevent that from happening, it is wise to pay attention to chimney problems early on. Here are some warning signs that mean your chimney needs immediate repairs.

Odd Smells Coming from the Fireplace

All fireplaces have their own odors. The fireplace should, however, be sending any other smells up through the chimney and out of the house. If unpleasant smells start making their way indoors, it means that you should call for Fairfax VA chimney repair services about probable chimney problems.

White Stains on the Chimney

If you see a white stain on your chimney’s exterior, it is a sign of a serious moisture problem. The stain, or efflorescence, is easy enough to clean, since it’s just salt from the brick and mortar. However, the moisture in your masonry can lead to worse chimney problems if not dealt with by Fairfax chimney technicians immediately.

Spalling Bricks

If you see bricks falling from your chimney to the yard, then you have spalling chimney problems. Spalling is usually caused by excessive moisture, so the bricks or mortar break down and fall off. These few bricks may mean structural damage to the chimney, so have someone from Fairfax VA chimney repair check on it at once.

Firebox Problems

Sometimes, just a quick look at the actual fireplace could give you clues that you have chimney problems. The firebricks that compose your firebox are susceptible to wear-and-tear, and any deterioration means that your chimney may not be able to regulate heat very well. A rusted damper is also a sign that there is too much moisture in the chimney. Have certified professionals perform a chimney inspection if you have firebox problems.

Shaling Flue Tiles

If spalling is seen from the chimney’s exterior, shaling is what happens when you see bits of the flue tile in your fireplace’s hearth. Note that a flue liner is supposed to protect your walls, floors, and roof from fires. So, a damaged flue liner is a big fire risk to your house. Do not use your fireplace for the time being, and call a Fairfax VA chimney repair company to inspect it.

Irregular Maintenance

One major sign that your chimney is in need of repairs is when you are not aware of the last time you had it maintained. Yearly chimney maintenance is important in keeping your chimney in great shape. Almost any company that specializes in professional chimney services will do the maintenance, like JCS Home Services does. JCS Home Services prioritizes safety the most, and they know just how to clean and maintain your chimney so you needn’t worry about any problem ever again.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

If there seems to be anything odd about your fireplace and chimney, it is best to have them checked at once. Hopefully, you’ve picked up some tips here on how to spot chimney problems early on. If you find any of these warning signs, protect your house and your loved ones by calling JCS Home Services for chimney repairs.