Chimney Repair Northern VA

chimney repair

Our professional chimney services will install, maintain and repair your chimney crown. Also known as the chimney wash, the crown is the slab, usually made of concrete, which covers the entire top of the chimney and may be slightly dome-shaped. Its purpose is to keep rainwater away from the flue by allowing it to run off the roof. Although a chimney crown should be a standard feature, some experts estimate that as little as one percent or less are crowned properly.

If your chimney does not have a proper crown, or if the crown is damaged, once water seeps into the mortar and bricks, it can freeze and thaw constantly during winter. This causes small cracks to expand into bigger ones and causes the mortar to deteriorate. However, even small amounts of water can cause damage to your chimney.

In addition, the chimney crown is particularly vulnerable to damage from exposure to the elements since their nearly flat shape means that they hold rain and snow for longer; thus, the crown stays moist. In addition, the part of the crown that is nearest to the flue gets warmer than the rest of it, and thus expands at a different rate. This causes it to crack, and once water enters the cracks and freezes, it can cause the cracks to expand. Eventually the structural integrity of the crown is damaged and it no longer serves its proper function.

A chimney repair service can help prevent serious damage to the crown by conducting regular inspections or chimney sweep cleanings in Northern VA that can detect damage that is not easily visible from the ground. Once the damage is found, repair should be conducted as soon as possible. Since cleanings are conducted yearly, any damage would probably be relatively minor.

Reputable Northern Virginia chimney repair services will create a crown that is specifically fitted to the chimney and custom built for it. This can extend the life of the crown by decades and, in turn, that of your chimney as well.

A chimney repair service can also evaluate your chimney crown to determine if it is built properly. Crowns should be made from slabs of concrete, metal or stone and never from bricks and mortar. Since they are a single solid piece, there is less possibility that water will penetrate it. In addition, the lip of the crown should extend at least two to 2.5 inches from the sides of the chimney. This lip acts as a gutter that prevents rainwater from traveling down the chimney.

In addition, chimney repair services can treat crowns with sealants that will protect them against moisture penetration and greatly extend the life of your chimney, saving you a lot of money in repair bills in the long run.

Our chimney and fireplace repair services in Northern VA will not only repair and maintain your chimney crowns and caps, but also provides a range of cleaning services, not only for your chimney but also the outside of your premises and even your outdoor furniture.