Chimney Repair Northern Virginia

Chimney Repair

Installing chimney caps is one of our most popular professional chimney services. Many fireplace owners are not aware of what a chimney cap is and its importance in maintaining the good condition of their chimney. While it is not a requirement to install a chimney cap, it is highly recommended that you have one. Here are some of the reasons why:

• It prevents moisture from entering the chimney. Water is one of your chimney’s worst enemies. When rainwater gets into the chimney, it can damage the brickwork and if you have a stainless steel liner, it can cause it to rust and corrode. Rainwater from an uncapped chimney can also enter your attic and not only damage it, but also cause mildew and mold, which can affect the health of your household. A chimney cap properly installed by reputable chimney repair professionals directs the water away from the center of the chimney so that it runs off the sides.

• It prevents debris from collecting in the chimney. During your regular Northern Virginia chimney cleaning service, it may be noticed that there are a lot of leaves and other debris that have already built up. When the fall season happens, the leaves start to fall, and without a cap, many of them may get into your chimney. Professional Northern Virginia chimney repair services will install not only a cap, but also a protective netting or mesh outside of it.

• It prevents small wild animals from entering the chimney. Your chimney is an inviting home for birds to build their nests in. Raccoons and squirrels may also be tempted to get into the chimney looking for food, and may be able to enter your home through it. A chimney cap installed by a professional chimney sweep will prevent this from happening.

• It helps your chimney function more efficiently. Your chimney needs draft in order to function effectively. You can have special draft-enhancing chimney caps installed by Northern VA chimney services that increase draft using turbines.

• It reduces fire risk. You’re probably aware that when you use your fireplace, it generates embers and sparks. However, you may not be aware that these sparks, when hot enough, can travel all the way up the chimney to your roof, where they represent a fire hazard. Even if they don’t land on your roof, they can land on piles of dry leaves and twigs outside your home, which can cause brush fires. The chimney cap can contain the sparks within the mesh until they go out.

If you are interested in having a chimney cap installed, we invite you to call us. We provide a wide range of chimney cleaning and fireplace repair services in Northern Virginia, including chimney sweeping, cleaning of your dryer vents, gutter cleaning and pressure washing of the exterior areas of your home as well as outdoor furniture. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our chimney repairs as well as how to enjoy big savings when you use us.