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Northern Virginia homeowners have a lot to protect, inside and outside their home. If you own a house with a chimney, it’s vitally important to protect your investment (your home) with regular chimney maintenance, including chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, and when necessary chimney and masonry repairs. That’s what JCS Home Services offers.

Chimney Repair

Prevention Is the Key to Avoiding Chimney Repairs

Think of Your Chimney as a Machine that Needs Regular Maintenance

As a full-service Northern Virginia chimney inspection/cleaning/maintenance/repair company, JCS Home Services offers a complete array of services to clean, maintain, even fix the chimneys and masonry of wood-burning fireplaces. Primary among these maintenance services? Chimney cleaning, of course.

Think of your chimney as a kind of machine. All machines need regular inspection and maintenance, and a frequently used chimney is no different. Consider the parts of a chimney: flues, fireboxes, smoke chambers, hearths, flashings, crowns, and caps – just to name a few.

With standard usage, chimneys do get dirty, caked with soot and creosote and other contaminants which harm efficiency and could eventually lead to blockages, smoke backup into living areas, and even chimney fires that can spread to the rest of the home.

Prevent problems with regular chimney services, including an annual chimney inspection, cleaning, and maintenance checkup by JCS Home Services in Northern Virginia – and if ever you do need your chimney repaired, we can do that too!

When’s It a Good Idea To Call JCS for Chimney Cleaning?

Has More Than an Eighth of an Inch of Soot Accumulated? It’s Chimney Cleaning Time!

There are two answers applicable to the question of “When should I call out the chimney sweeps for a cleaning of the chimney and fireplace?”

The first answer is “Within 12 months of the last time.” Both JCS Home Services and the Chimney Safety Institute recommend annual chimney inspection and cleaning, basically because it’s a really good idea to enter the chilly months knowing your chimney – crown to flue to wood stove – is ready to take the heat, so to speak.

The second answer is, “When there’s more than 1/8″ of soot and creosote buildup in the fireplace or the interior masonry of the chimney flue.” Creosote and soot are highly flammable byproducts of burning wood and the cause of far too many a devastating house fire in the United States.

It takes certified chimney technicians who’ll inspect your chimney with an experienced, practiced eye – and that’s exactly who JCS Home Services will put on the roof of your home.

Complete Chimney Service Means a Thorough Video Inspection Too

JCS Home Services’ Level Two Chimney Inspection Is Done With a Camera

For total peace-of-mind, request a Level Two chimney inspection by your JCS chimney sweep. It’s a significantly more close-up inspection of your chimney’s condition because it’s a video inspection, whereas a Level One inspection (standard with every chimney sweep job we do) is performed visually.

Using the camera’s unblinking eye, we can determine potential areas in need of masonry or brick repair, getting into areas and seeing details we couldn’t without video technology. Cracks and gaps in the masonry or bricks that might otherwise go undetected could be discovered, necessitating repairs to the chimney or fireplace. The Level Two inspection comes with a written report of findings.

More Than Chimneys: JCS Offers a Complete Range of Home Services

Call Us for Gutter Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Dryer Vent Cleaning and Much More

Homeowners have to concern themselves with a lot more than just their chimneys. A modern Northern Virginia home has plenty of moving parts, and – again, just like any machine – regular cleaning and maintenance are absolute musts.

That’s why JCS Home Services also offers the following, in addition to the highest quality chimney repair Northern Virginia homeowners can get:

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Soft Wash Pressure Washing

At JCS, we’re always on a mission to ensure you enjoy the most efficiently operating home possible. In Northern Virginia, JCS Home Services is your team for keeping your house running its best.

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Founded in 2011 but with experience extending far back before then, JCS Home Services is a leading chimney repair and chimney cleaning company in Northern Virginia. By “Northern Virginia,” of course we mean the Washington DC suburban counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun, but also Clarke and Frederick counties too.

That’s because JCS Home Services has offices in Sterling VA and Berryville VA to serve the home maintenance and chimney repair needs of homeowners from Stephens City to Crystal City, Manassas to Ashburn, Fairfax to Falls Church to Fauquier County.

So wherever you make your home in Northern Virginia, rely on the local chimney inspection, cleaning, maintenance, and repair technicians of JCS Home Services to be there on time and get the job done right.

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Since 2011, JCS Home Services has been a go-to local company for chimney repairs and fireplace repair services in Northern Virginia, including and especially chimney cleaning and chimney inspection – that go a long way toward making a chimney repair or chimney rebuild unnecessary.