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How Often Should You Get Your Chimney Cleaned?

Let Us Clean Your Chimney Once a Year, Before You Lay Your First Winter Fire

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) – an industry organization by which JCS Home Services is certified – the national standard for chimney-cleaning frequency is on an annual basis.

But why? What if you don’t use your chimney much? All the more reason to get your chimney inspected and cleaned. Unused or infrequently used chimneys make ideal nesting places for birds, squirrels, and other critters. Plus, like any structure, there is some natural deterioration which may need to be rectified.

By providing annual chimney inspection and chimney sweep services in Arlington VA, JCS Home Services is making homes in the DC area safer and more comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of Annual Chimney Cleaning?

Clear Blockages, Reduce Fire Hazards, and Keep Your Chimney in Top Shape

You’re on this page on our site, so you probably already know the reasons to hire an insured professional chimney company in Arlington VA as your go-to chimney sweeps. Nevertheless, it’s a smart thing for homeowners to understand the benefits they’re reaping when they hire JCS Home Services.

When we clean a chimney, we’re removing (sometimes huge amounts of) soot and creosote from the fireplace, flue, and interior walls. Creosote is a tarry flammable substance that is produced in wood-burning fireplaces, and buildup of creosote is too often the cause of house fires.

We’re also removing branches, straw, dirt, other debris, and sometimes unfortunately dead animals from chimneys. Such detritus and carcasses can lead to blockages in the chimney flue, causing smoke to back up into your home’s living areas and wreaking havoc on the lungs of anyone around.

So there’s plenty of reason to hire the certified technicians of JCS for professional chimney services.

But wait – there’s more. On every chimney-sweep job we do, our techs also perform a thorough visual inspection (called a Level 1 inspection) of everything we can see with a flashlight: outer hearth, inner hearth, firebox, throat, smoke chamber, flue, and exterior. We examine for cracks and gaps in the masonry, loose bricks, and out-of-code equipment, and we offer tailored recommendations for necessary repairs that’ll get it fixed. A Level 1 inspection comes standard and is free of charge with a chimney cleaning.

More Than a Chimney Sweep Company – We Install Chimney Caps and Crowns Too

A Cap Keeps Animals Out; a Crown Keeps Rain and Snow Out

The key to lighting a fire in your fireplace is control. You need to know where the smoke is going (i.e., through the smoke chamber, up the flue, and out of the house) and you need to know that the flames, sparks, and embers aren’t going anywhere.

One of the biggest fire hazards you could have is a dirty, cracked chimney – caked with flammable soot and creosote buildup, festooned with animal nest material, dripping with mud. That’s no way to maintain control over a fire on a pleasant winter’s eve.

In addition to professional chimney cleaning, JCS Home Services has the solution: Chimney caps and crowns. You just might need a cap, crown, or both at the top of your chimney, which is great, because JCS installs them.

If moisture is seeping into your chimney, it’s probably time to replace the cap and/or crown. That’s a sign that the equipment is beginning to fail, which means your chimney isn’t as safe as it needs to be. Hire the professional chimney technicians of JCS Home Services to keep your Arlington VA home – and everyone in it – safe and comfy.

Not Just a Premier Arlington VA Chimney Sweep

Additional Home Maintenance Services Offered by JCS of Arlington VA

There aren’t a lot of other chimney cleaning companies in the Washington DC metro area offering the suite of services that JCS does.

In addition to being top certified chimney sweeps and providing expert chimney repair services, we also perform professional:

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Soft-Wash Pressure Washing

You probably sense a theme here. We’re kinda into cleanliness. That makes sense – because clean means efficient, and efficiency means your home’s equipment works the way it should.

Take Advantage of JCS’ Discount Offers on Chimney and Fireplace Services

Our Already Reasonable Price on the Best Chimney Work Just Got Better

The goal of our company isn’t to make the most money possible every day – although, hey, we are a for-profit business. But we earn our keep with repeat business, establishing relationships with Arlington VA homeowners and going back again and again, year after year, to render more home-maintenance services.

So, in addition to set-time appointments, guaranteed work, and the most complete chimney cleaning and repair services in Arlington, we offer an additional perk: Money-saving discounts.

Click on the Discounts tab along the top of this webpage and check out the downloadable coupons on gutter cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and – of course – chimney services. In addition to less money on your bill, JCS Home Services will make a donation to a local charity.

Furthermore, JCS is pleased to offer more discounts and incentives to our customers who are senior citizens, first responders, teachers, and members of our nation’s armed forces.

We’re Your 5-Star Arlington VA Chimney Sweep

Want Proof? Read Through Our Online Customer Reviews

We always do an excellent job at JCS Home Services – and we got the reviews to prove it.

Google us. You’ll see that we’ve earned hundreds of 5-star accolades from customers around Arlington VA and Northern Virginia for our chimney services, gutter cleaning, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and more.

We sincerely thank all the customers who’ve taken the time to post glowing reviews about JCS online, because they really matter. When we do a wonderful job for you, please consider letting others know with a review on Facebook, Google, Houzz, Yelp, Angie’s List, and across the web.

JCS Cleans Chimneys All Across Northern Virginia

We Proudly Serve Arlington County, Virginia, and Surrounding Areas

Our locally owned company was founded in 2011, although our experience providing professional chimney cleaning services began well before then. Over the years we’ve crisscrossed Northern Virginia to visit customers for chimney sweeping, chimney repairs, and complete chimney services.

We visit customers in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, Tysons Corner, Seven Corners, Bailey’s Crossroads, and Alexandria. We also help homeowners around Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County. Wherever in NoVA certified chimney sweeps are needed, we’ll be there.

For quality service and a wonderful job, count on the top rooftop chimney sweeps in Arlington VA: JCS Home Services.

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JCS offers narrow-window appointments, so we won’t keep you waiting all day. Plus, we’re friendly, we guarantee our work, we communicate and listen, we respect your home, and we take pride in always doing a thorough, excellent job on your chimney cleaning service.

With regular cleaning of your chimney, fire stays right where it’s supposed to. Keep your home and family safe with an annual inspection and sweeping of your chimney in Arlington VA.