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Why your Chimney Needs a Chimney Cap

A simple but effective way to protect your chimney is by having a chimney sweep services provider, like those from JCS Home Services, attach a simple cap on it. Installing a chimney cap is not a requirement, but having one will potentially save you thousands of dollars in possible future damages. Here are a few other reasons why your chimney needs a cap today.

It Keeps Animals Out

A chimney is an ideal home for small animals like birds, squirrels, or raccoons. After all, a flue is dark, warm, and without predators. Animals that make their nests here will block the chimney passage, and this will force the gases and smoke downwards and indoors. Having Arlington VA chimney sweeps install a chimney cap, especially one with a mesh net, will keep these animals from entering the chimney.

It Prevents Sparks and Embers from Escaping

Burning sparks and embers from the hearth may be pushed upwards by the chimney’s draft. These sparks can lead to a chimney fire, or even to a brush fire if they fall to the yard instead. Sometimes called a “spark arrestor”, a chimney cap from an insured professional chimney company will prevent these embers from ever escaping the flue.

It Prevents Moisture

Moisture is a chimney’s worst enemy. If not treated immediately, excessive moisture can cause deterioration problems and structural damage to both your chimney and your home. Asking an Arlington VA chimney sweep company to install a cap is a good way to block out moisture from rain, snow, sleet, etc.

It Blocks Down-drafting

Even if you live in a non-windy area, sudden strong gusts of wind can affect a chimney’s draft, which can push smoke and gases from your fire towards the indoors. Installing a chimney cap can help block some of the wind, especially if you use the draft-enhancing caps available today. Note, however, that incorrectly adding a cap can further create draft problems, so it is best to call professional chimney sweeps for its installation.

It Stops the Buildup of Debris

Debris buildup in your chimneys is inevitable, especially if your house is surrounded by plenty of trees. Leaves, twigs, and branches can make their way into your chimney, and block the passageway out. Besides pushing the smoke back inside, this debris is also a potential fire hazard since, with a stray ember, it can ignite a chimney fire. An installed chimney cap by a chimney services provider will help keep debris out of your flue.

Have It Done By the Right Professionals

Since having a chimney cap is a good way to protect and maintain your chimney, it is a good idea to have it done by the right professionals. An Arlington VA chimney sweep service, like those from JCS Home Services, will be glad to assist you with its installation. JCS Home Services, in particular, offers only reliable, honest, and affordable solutions to all of your chimney-related problems.

Install a Chimney Cap Today

Chimney caps may not be a required feature of chimneys. However, they do help in preserving and prolonging the lifespan of a chimney, which ultimately protects your loved ones and your home. Ask a local chimney sweep, like one from JCS Home Services, about investing in a chimney cap today, and reap the long-term benefits of keeping your chimney safe and protected.