Chimney Sweep Leesburg VA

Why You Should Hire Chimney Sweep Leesburg VA

Most families gather around the fireplace during chilly winter evenings. It is a warm, comforting place to have in any home. If you intend to use your fireplace during the coming months of winter, make sure that you get in touch with a chimney sweep in Leesburg VA for an appointment. Our company specializes in chimney cleaning and maintenance.

Scheduling your chimney for regular inspection and cleaning minimizes the risk of chimney fires. It also eliminates indoor air pollution caused by a faulty chimney.

The frequent use of your fireplace may cause creosote to build up in your chimney walls. If it does, there is greater risk for chimney fires. To avert the build-up, make sure that you schedule chimney cleaning services every year.

One other thing to look out for is chimney obstruction. Branches of trees and other similar debris can fall into your chimney – effectively clogging up the vents through which the smoke and the waste gases from the fire in your fireplace pass. This may cause many problems. After a major rainstorm or heavy winds, make sure to schedule an appointment with a reliable chimney sweeper to clear up your chimney.

Your chimney is likely to show some structural damage over time. This may cause some problems if you do not tend to it right away. Once you see that your chimney needs some structural repair, make a chimney inspection appointment right away. You can avert maintenance issues like water damage if you have the chimney fixed immediately. After you consult with your chimney sweep, set up routine maintenance schedules to avoid similar problems in the future. Your chimney is likely to stay efficient and safe when a professional chimney sweep makes regular inspection and maintenance.

Some people hesitate to hire the services of professional chimney sweepers; they think they can do the job just as efficiently. While we do not belittle your skills, we say with considered judgment that we can be of better assistance to you when it comes to taking care of your chimney.

We have been in the chimney sweep business for more than fifteen years now. Our people are trained to do their job – and do it according to the stringent standards in the industry. We do not simply stick a brush up your chimney and give it a scrubbing. We know exactly what type and size of brush to use to make sure that we remove all the soot that has accumulated and get the best results. We know which rods and equipment to use to effectively remove stubborn tar.

We not only clean chimneys. We diagnose problems, advise you about building regulations, assess whether or not your fireplace installations suit your intentions, counsel you about maintenance, fuel to use, and the efficient methods of storing fuel.

We at JCS Home Services consider our job to be a comprehensive safety service. You do not get our level of proficiency and dedication from just any worker. For superior chimney sweep Leesburg VA, get in touch with us.