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If you’re lucky enough to own a home with a chimney, you don’t want to take chances with its performance. A clean chimney is an efficient chimney – and JCS Home Services has been helping homeowners in Leesburg VA keep their fireplaces and chimneys clean and functioning properly since 2011.

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Follow the Advice of the CSIA: Certified Chimney Sweeping Every Year

The Importance of Regular Chimney Maintenance & an Annual Chimney Inspection

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends Leesburg homeowners get an annual chimney inspection to make sure they’re structurally sound, clear of blockages, and devoid of dangerous deposits like soot and creosote that can potentially cause chimney fires and/or emit lethal carbon monoxide. (The chimneys, not the homeowners.)

The thing about wood-burning appliances is, they’re dirty. It’s their nature. The “dirt” is primarily particulate matter such as smoke, soot, and ash, but fireplaces and wood stoves also produce substances harmful to health like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). You need to keep your home’s wood-burning appliances clean – and just as importantly, you need to keep the exhaust/ventilation system (i.e., the chimney) clean and working right.

Whether or not your chimney gets regular use – or your family only lays a traditional fire on Christmas Eve – treat chimneys like you would any other equipment in your Leesburg home. An annual inspection and regular maintenance by a certified chimney sweep is a smart way to enjoy the crackle of the fireplace without worrying about things like noxious emissions and fire hazards.

We Put Close Eyes on Your Chimney & Fireplace

JCS Offers Leesburg Homeowners Two Levels of Chimney Inspection

Every time JCS visits a customer’s house or property to clean chimneys, a Level One visual inspection comes standard. Armed with a flashlight, trained eyes, and years of experience in the chimney profession, our certified chimney sweep techs will investigate the smoke chamber, flue, firebox, throat, inner/outer hearth products, the exterior masonry work of the chimney – every key component of your chimney we can see.

Upon request (and sometimes we recommend it), JCS performs an in-depth Level Two chimney inspection using a video camera to closely inspect the entire chimney apparatus, from the fireplace up to chimney cap. The unblinking eye of the camera lets our techs examine the chimney for gaps, cracks, and causes for masonry repair. A Level Two chimney inspection by JCS produces a full written report on our findings pertinent to the chimney’s structural condition and fire-worthiness.

Repairing chimneys is time-consuming and expensive. Avoid costly chimney repair later – hire JCS Home Services for chimney cleaning services in Leesburg VA and inspection now.

More Essential Chimney & Fireplace Services

Every Service You Need for Proper Maintenance on a Chimney & Wood Fireplace

In addition to cleaning and inspection, the chimney sweeps of JCS offer a valuable suite of chimney and fireplace services:

  • Installation/replacement of chimney caps to keep rain and snow out and keep the flame in
  • Installation/replacement of chimney crown/chase top to direct rainwater and snowmelt down and away from the chimney interior
  • Sealing and soft-wash pressure-washing of the chimney exterior
  • Inspect and replace ash dump doors
  • Basic, essential fireplace and chimney repairs

As full-service professional chimney sweeps, our goal is to provide the responsible homeowners of Leesburg VA with the ability to safely maintain their chimneys and always keep them in good repair – from the first fire of the winter through the entire year.

JCS Means Full-Service Home Maintenance in Leesburg & Northern Virginia

Pressure Washing, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & More

As you’d expect, JCS Home Services does more for your Leesburg home than just chimney sweeping. Our pros also do:

  • Air duct cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Soft-wash pressure washing

From the chimney column to the HVAC vents, maintain your home in tip-top shape with JCS Home Services of Leesburg VA.

We’re Your Five-Star Chimney Sweeps in Leesburg VA

JCS Earns the Highest Marks as a Top Chimney Sweep in Leesburg – Due to the Highest Integrity

Please check out the online reviews customers have posted about JCS Home Services on sites like Google, Yelp, and Houzz. You’ll see adjectives like “dependable,” “professional,” “affordable,” and – one of our favorite compliments – “great communication.”

We say what we mean and mean what we say, and that’s our secret to the excellent service that’s made JCS Leesburg’s 5-star chimney sweep company.

Serving Leesburg VA, the Heart of Loudoun County

Chimney & Fireplace Cleaners Cleans Chimneys Throughout the Leesburg VA Area

With offices in Berryville and Sterling, and with customers ranging from Winchester to Prince William, JCS Home Services is an established chimney sweep company in Northern Virginia. Over the years we’ve earned the trust of homeowners and property managers in and around Leesburg VA.

Our teams of chimney technicians perform cleaning, inspection, and chimney crown/cap installation at residential and other buildings in Leesburg, Lucketts, Paeonian Springs, and Waterford, and over in Lansdowne, Ashburn, and Dulles too. We’re committed to providing every customer in Leesburg VA with unmatched chimney cleaning in a professional manner and excellent service at a fair price – because our reputation amongst our neighbors is on the line.

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Since 2011, We’ve Been the Chimney Sweep Leesburg Homeowners Trust

A little maintenance goes a long way. The chimney technicians of JCS Home Services believe that inspecting and cleaning chimneys every year is a lot better than suffering expensive chimney repairs or risking dangerous chimney fires.

For this year’s fireplace and chimney inspection and cleaning, put JCS on your home team. Contact our local office to get a free estimate and schedule a set-time appointment for our certified technicians to visit your Leesburg, Virginia, home.

Call us at the phone number listed at the top of this webpage, or email Or connect with us on Facebook @JCSHomeServices and Twitter @JCS_HomeService.

JCS Home Services of Leesburg, Virginia, is dedicated to providing all our customers with the highest integrity and quality in professional chimney cleaning services.