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Don’t take an unnecessary risk with your chimney service in Purcellville VA. Hire the chimney professionals of JCS Home Services. Put the locally operated company with the most expertise in the cleaning and inspection of chimneys and fireplaces on your home team.chimney sweep

Why Go With JCS for Your Next Chimney Sweeping in Purcellville VA?

Our Experienced Chimney Sweeps Take Great Care To Perform a Top-Quality Job Every Time

Let’s face it: You don’t want someone cleaning your chimney who’s never cleaned a chimney before, right? We feel the same way. That’s why JCS Home Services is staffed with highly trained, certified, experienced, knowledgeable chimney sweep technicians ready to clean your home’s chimney – always in a courteous, thorough, and professional manner.

Since our company was established in 2011 – actually, since long before then, when our founder and president Jason and his team of chimney techs first offered chimney sweep services to homeowners in the Purcellville VA area – we’ve made chimney sweeping a primary service. We have the right equipment, the right knowledge, and the right attitude to provide the best chimney sweeping services anywhere in Western Loudoun.

What Are the Reasons To Hire a Chimney Sweep?

Regular Chimney Cleaning Increases Efficiency & Lowers Fire Risk

You don’t want a dirty chimney, wood stove, or fireplace. Investing in a professional cleaning every 12 months or so is part of smart homeownership.

Why? Because without periodic chimney service:

There’s an increased risk of a chimney fire.

You want fire in the fireplace or wood stove. You don’t want your chimney catching ablaze. But creosote is a flammable substance which can be ignited by extreme heat; chimney sweeping on a regular basis helps significantly lower the risk of that hazard.

Your chimney won’t work as efficiently.

Chimneys are tubes for allowing fire smoke to escape the house. When they’re clogged (even partially), harmful fumes can’t depart as fluidly and may even back up into your family’s living space. Getting chimneys cleaned out and free of any blockage helps restore its ability to safely convey smoke outside.

Clean chimneys make inspections and repairs easier.

When the experienced chimney technicians of JCS Home Services can clearly see the chimney’s masonry, it’s much easier to inspect and to identify small repairs before they become major problems.

Complete Chimney Inspections from Damper to Dump Door

We Do a Free Basic Inspection With Every Cleaning Project

Getting your chimney cleaned is good. Getting it closely inspected is better.

Every time JCS Home Services cleans a chimney in Purcellville, we also give it a free visual inspection. We look at the readily accessible parts of the chimney, including the outer hearth, inner hearth, fireplace damper, firebox, throat, lintel, smoke chamber, dump door, flue, and exterior. We’re looking for creosote buildup, cracks in the masonry, and overall functionality of the chimney. From this Level One inspection, our techs may recommend specific maintenance or repairs.

We also offer an in-depth, highly detailed Level Two inspection, in which we utilize a video camera to inspect the inside and outside of the chimney structure in entirety. The advantage of a Level Two chimney inspection is the ability to discern gaps and cracks that may not be apparent otherwise. Level Two chimney inspections by JCS Home Services come with a final report detailing the conditions of the chimney structure and its component parts.

Go With the Local Five-Star Chimney Sweeps

JCS Ranks High Among Chimney Sweep Companies in Western Loudoun County

There’s no better chimney sweep Purcellville VA homeowners can work with than JCS Home Services. We stand by that statement because so many of our customers say so in their reviews.

Check out our customers’ reviews online on sites like Google and Yelp and Houzz. Not only will you see that clients give us a near-perfect average of more than 4.9 stars (out of 5), you’ll read how our crew arrived on time in uniform and with JCS-logoed truck, and how we performed thorough inspections of the home’s chimneys to determine any needed repairs before cleaning the chimneys and removing potentially dangerous buildup of soot and creosote from the chimneys’ brickwork. Customers also talk about our courtesy, punctuality, pricing, and ability to accommodate their schedules and lifestyles.

See what they mean; choose JCS for your next chimney sweeping, chimney inspection, chimney cap and crown install, and fireplace masonry repair project. The overall quality of our service will exceed your expectations.

Not Just Chimney Sweeps: JCS Offers Total Maintenance Services

We Do Dryer Vent Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning & More

JCS Home Services is your complete maintenance company for residential and light commercial clients. That means we want you to think of us whenever it’s time for the kind of standard building maintenance that keeps your home, office, or investment property in top working order. That includes:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Soft-wash pressure washing (of nearly any flat surface)

Set an appointment for the experienced techs of JCS to visit you in Purcellville VA for comprehensive maintenance services.

From Lovettsville to Middleburg, We’re Western Loudoun’s Local Chimney Sweeps

With Offices in Berryville & Sterling VA, JCS Serves the Entire Northern Virginia Area

Founded 2011 (but with experience stretching long before then), JCS Home Services is an established locally operated company specializing in chimney cleaning services. Over the years we’ve cleaned chimneys for many customers in and around Purcellville VA.

We’ve gotten off Route 7 to visit folks in Hamilton and Round Hill, or down in Philomont or up in Hillsboro. We know all the little country roads around Purcellville, and we look forward to visiting your residence or other building to make sure its chimneys are clean and up to snuff.

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Go with the local pros for your next chimney service project. Work with the chimney sweeps of JCS Home Services in Purcellville VA.