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It’s highly recommended at least once every twelve months, and if you review your insurance documentation, your homeowner’s coverage may mandate its performance annually: Chimney sweeping by a qualified, certified fireplace and chimney cleaning company – one like JCS of Vienna VA.

Licensed and insured to do business for commercial and residential customers in Vienna and across Northern VA, JCS brings over 15 years of experience in chimney service, dryer vent and air duct cleaning, including: chimney cleaning; chimney inspections; and wood stove, wood fireplace, and gas fireplace inspections.

JCS literally does it all for the chimney service of your Vienna VA house. But when you’re looking for chimney sweeps in advance of those long chilly Mid-Atlantic winter months using your fireplace or wood stove, what sort of qualities should you look for?

Top Five Things Homeowners Should Know When Hiring Chimney Sweeps in Vienna VA

Northern Virginia Customers Can Afford To Be Choosy When Shopping for a Chimney Cleaning Company

So you’re a homeowner in the Vienna or Fairfax areas of Northern Virginia and you’re looking to hire a certified chimney sweep in Vienna VA? Smart choice – you know you need annual chimney inspections and chimney sweeps to ensure your smokestack is in top shape for burning wood during the coming winter months . . . and you know you should get the best local firm for chimney services in Vienna VA on the job.

So how do you make sure you’re hiring the most competitive chimney sweep available? Some considerations to keep in mind:

Hire a Company With Years of Experience in Chimney Repairs

Go With a Local Firm Who’s Installed, Cleaned & Seen It All – From Chimney Cap to Fireplace Masonry

Chimney cleaning is smart regular maintenance. But you need to trust that the contractor you choose has the expertise to do the best possible job as chimney sweeps.

JCS guarantees reliability. Our camera-powered Level Two chimney inspection goes deeper than does our visual-only Level One inspection, but either way our experienced technicians review your chimney and fireplace with a practiced eye and an acute knowledge of all areas of chimney repair.

So when you demand reliable chimney sweeps to provide superior cleaning service in Vienna VA, experience counts. Call JCS.

Make Sure that the Contractors are Insured

Insurance Protects the Homeowner As Well As the Contractor

Any chimney installation and inspection company needs the protection of the right insurances. Request to see a statement of the declaration pages of your contractor’s insurance policies, including many provisions for injuries and liabilities to protect technicians and your house, should issues arise while they are carrying out chimney sweeping services.

Look for Reviews, References & Recommendations

Generally, the Wisdom of the Crowd Is a Good Free Indicator of Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Even in today’s high-tech inter-connected way of doing business, people in Vienna still trust the recommendation of their neighbor and old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising. Nowadays that word is spread via online reviews.

We invite you to check out the series of 5-star reviews our customers have posted about JCS on the Internet – including many clients highly satisfied with our fireplace and chimney sweep service.

Ensure You Get the Best Installation & Free Estimates, Too!

JCS is Rare in Offering Block Scheduling of Appointments

Time is money. That’s as true for you as the customer as it is for us as the contractor. So it’s in nobody’s interest that we waste times – yours or ours.

JCS is uncommon in the Vienna and Falls Church areas for offering block-schedule appointments, meaning our chimney service technicians make the best possible use of the clock to get the most jobs done each day around Vienna VA.

The last thing you want is to wait all day for a contractor you’ve already been expecting for hours. It’s a better option to set an appointment with JCS, get a free estimate on your chimney cleaning or repair project, and rest assured knowing you know when our technicians will arrive.

It’s part of how we make chimney repairs, fireplace cleaning, and gas stove inspection a breeze for homeowners in Northern Virginia – and why we’re one of the better fireplace and chimney sweep contractors in NoVA!

For the Best Chimney Sweep, Vienna VA Calls JCS

Before Burning Wood this Winter, Put an Experienced Eye On Your Fireplace Stove & Chimney Masonry

It’s as true with chimney and fireplace service as it is with a toothache. It’s better to repair issues when they’re recent, rather than letting problems grow until they cause more damage.

That’s why it’s good to have a top chimney expert like JCS. It’s more than the free quotes, up-to-date techniques, or excellent quality – it’s the unrivaled expertise to know how a proper chimney installation is supposed to act, and what repairs may be required to rectify the circumstances.

Find out why so many Vienna VA homeowners have opted to have fireplaces and chimneys installed, repaired and inspected by JCS. Call us today at 571-299-9389.

Set an Appointment with the Pro Chimney Sweeps of JCS

Call the Local Business Certified for Wood Stove & Wood Fireplace Repair, Chimney Repairs & Masonry Maintenance

Take care of the chimney of your Vienna VA home. Not only will you give yourself and your family peace of mind living with one less fire risk, you’ll also fulfill your obligation as an insured homeowner and live in a safer house.

The chimney sweeps of JCS are the best suited in Northern Virginia to clean your chimney, removing the soot, dirt, debris, and creosote. Any contractor offering chimney services in Vienna VA needs to be thorough, and JCS has earned a long-standing reputation for comprehensive chimney and fireplace services delivered expertly and on time.

Winter is coming. Call JCS at 571-299-9389 to make your next chimney and fireplace cleaning and repair appointment. We’re licensed, certified, insured, and proud to serve homeowners throughout Vienna VA, including Fairfax, Tysons Corner, Falls Church, Oakton, Chantilly, Clifton, Centreville, Dunn Loring, and Burke VA.