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Let the professionals Virginia chimney sweeps help you.

You love your fireplace, don’t you? It gives you a warm toasty feeling with its roaring blaze — particularly on a chilly evening. You also know that you have to keep your chimney clean. You need to if you want to avoid the risk of chimney fires that waste lives and damage property. According to experts in fire prevention, these fires can easily be avoided if chimneys are given the regular cleaning and maintenance routines that they need.

Creosote is a by-product of a crackling fire. Smoke carries it into the chimney but leaves some on the chimney walls. If you do not clean the chimney regularly, the creosote will accumulate and become thick and heavy. It can easily catch fire. Accumulated creosote can also become dense enough to hamper the flow of toxic carbon monoxide up the chimney and out of your home.
You cannot underestimate the need for a clean chimney. It keeps the fireplace functioning efficiently and it checks the build-up of inflammable creosote.

We can help inspect, clean, and maintain your chimney so that it remains efficient at all times – guaranteeing your family’s safety and health. We have been in this business for over fifteen years, providing top-notch chimney sweep services all across Virginia.

You should not wait for warning signs to show. Do not wait for soot to build up on the chimney walls. Do not wait to have smoke fill the inside of your home when you build a fire in your fireplace. Do not wait for a smothering burning smell to linger in the room – even when you are not using the fireplace. Call us for regular chimney sweep services.

Some homeowners question the need to hire professional chimney sweep companies to do the job. Some feel that they can do it themselves – after all, it is only CLEANING!

The decision is yours, of course. Most people can bear doing a dirty job that requires a lot of heavy breathing and strenuous and risky climbing.

Our people, however, are more likely to give your chimney a more efficient and reliable sweep, primarily because of their training. We usually detail two sweepers for every assignment to ensure quick and reliable service. We also have all the equipment and products essential to guarantee a top-notch job.

Moreover, we do more than just clean. We can immediately see if your chimney requires more than just the basic cleaning. If something is wrong with your chimney, this can cause problems with smoke, drafts, fires, and other similar issues. We will immediately let you know about these problems so that you can address them with our assistance before they can create bigger and more costly complications.

Do not just settle for any Virginia chimney sweep. Go for a company that has a record for experience and technical expertise. Call us at JCS Home Services for all your chimney sweep requirements. You get first-rate service at competitive rates. Check us out and set an appointment with our reliable staff.