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Play it safe when hiring professional chimney sweeps to clean, inspect, and repair the chimneys of your Virginia home. Go with the proven experts of JCS Home Services, an established Virginia-based small business.

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Why Hire Chimney Sweeps? To Keep the Fire in the Fireplace!

Chimney Cleaning by JCS Removes Dangerous Buildup of Soot & Creosote

Think of us as your fire-safety guys.

Whether you burn wood or gas to warm your Virginia home, you absolutely need your chimney to be in perfect working order to vent harmful smoke up, away, and out of the house. The best reason for regular chimney and fireplace cleaning is to make sure those smoke particles fly up the chimney – and not into the living room.

Burning wood produces a substance called creosote, which contains tar and other toxins. This tarry byproduct accumulates along the interior of the chimney, presenting twin dangers: 1) the potential for blockage of the chimney column, and 2) the risk of a fire, if ever the flammable creosote gets hot enough to ignite.

Fire hazards are very real, and the risk is heightened when chimneys are dirty. Take care of your home – and the family it protects, and the investment it represents – by hiring JCS Home Services of Virginia to perform the chimney and fireplace cleaning that’ll keep fires right where they belong.

Get Your Chimney Inspected Now. Avoid Costly Repairs Later.

JCS Performs Level One & Level Two Chimney Inspections

You don’t just have a chimney. You own a complete chimney system – and it has to be properly maintained to work right.

JCS Home Services offers chimney inspection services in Virginia. Our experienced technicians provide two levels of inspection to ensure your chimney, flue, and fireplace are all in tip-top shape and ready for use.

A Level One inspection is free with every job our chimney sweeps do. With a highly trained eye, JCS techs closely examine all the visible components of your chimney and fireplace, including inspection of the flue, outer hearth, inner hearth, firebox, throat, smoke chamber, and exterior masonry.

A Level Two inspection is far more in-depth. We deploy video cameras inside your chimney to find gaps and cracks that might not be perceptible with a mere visual inspection. You’ll receive a full post-inspection written report detailing the condition of the chimney and an analysis of necessary repairs (if any are determined).

More Than Cleaning: Chimney Repairs & Fireplace Repairs Too

We’re Virginia’s Experts at Repairing Chimneys on Residential & Commercial Buildings

The thing about small repairs is, if you don’t make them, they can become big repairs. It makes a lot of economic sense to invest in chimney repair as soon as a problem is identified.

JCS Home Services stands out among local chimney sweeps in Virginia because we can do a lot more than just clean and inspect your chimney. We can make it work better, too.

When you call to make your next chimney cleaning appointment, ask about our chimney repair service here in Virginia.

We’re Virginia’s Hometown Chimney Sweep Company!

At JCS, We Take Pride in Serving Our Clients – Because They’re Our Neighbors

JCS Home Services is a local home-maintenance business dedicated to providing excellent service and unmatched quality to all our customers. As a member in good standing of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, we’ve earned a 5-star reputation for treating your home like it were our own home.

Our goal is to become much more than one-time chimney sweeps. JCS Home Services is committed to being the most thorough, the most courteous, and the most professional chimney cleaning company in the Commonwealth of Virginia. That’s how we’ll win your business, time and again.

Let’s Make an Appointment for Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning!

Go With the Pros for that All-Important Chimney Work

Contact the JCS office to schedule a convenient set-time appointment for professional chimney sweeps in Virginia.

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When you contact JCS, you’ll get a free estimate and, if possible, an exact-time appointment for our chimney techs to visit your Virginia home. That means we don’t give hours-long windows during which we might show up, inconveniencing you and your family for the entire day.

Put an experienced Virginia chimney sweep of JCS on your home team.