Chimney Sweep Winchester VA

Chimney Sweep Winchester VA by JCS Home Services

If you are looking for the best, most comprehensive chimney sweeper in Winchester VA, you are certainly on the right page. JCS Home Services is the leading chimney service provider in Winchester, providing homeowners with products and services to ensure when chimneys need repair, they know the place to call to.

Why You Need Chimney Sweep Winchester VA

Annual chimney sweeping is important for effective maintenance of your home. The law, specifically the National Fire Protection Association’s code 211, outlines the importance and requirement for annual sweeping of Chimneys, Vents, Fireplaces and other Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances. Even the United States Environmental Protection Agency implores the same thing.

Why, you ask? This is because the chimney system is there to protect the building and all its inhabitants from high heat, combustible debris and toxic gases. As such, it is extremely important to always sweep and regularly maintain your chimney. To keep your chimney system at the highest performance level, we at JCS Home Services highly suggest utilizing our chimney sweep services.

Do you know what creosote is? This is a deposit, one that forms out of combustion. When by products and hot air rises from the firebox, they meet with the chimney, which is relatively cooler compared to it. When they meet, condensation happens and that results to creosote developing. Creosote can be crusty, tar-like or sticky, but no matter what you can expect they are always highly combustible.

Is your chimney full of creosote now? Is it building up to the point that it is starting to restrict your flue? If it is, then your risk for chimney fire rises steeply. You can prevent this through regular chimney sweep Winchester VA. With our help, you can make sure there is no creosote build-up and your chances of chimney fire diminish significantly.

JCS Home Services Chimney Sweep Process

How can we help prevent fire in your home? We offer you a comprehensive chimney sweep Winchester VA, detailed work provided by certified technician. JCS Home Services certified technicians ensure that in sweeping your chimney, we only:

  • Use advanced, special tools designed to effectively clean your chimney system from top to bottom.
  • Thoroughly clean your chimney, from the grate, the firebox, damper and flue.
  • Remove all unwanted materials that pose safety hazard to your family, including ash, creosote, debris, etc.
  • Check your chimney and fireplace for any signs of damage and anything that may indicate safety hazard.

Rest assured that at JCS Home Services, we employ only highly trained technicians who know just how important it is not to make a mess of your home. Our technicians know better to take preventive measures so that we can contain the mess and leave your home unscathed.

JCS Home Services will treat your home like it is ours, with the utmost respect it deserves. On that we request that you work with us in preparing your home for the job. What we want to say is for you to move any breakable items, furniture, etc. close to the work area for chimney sweep Winchester Va.