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It’s true that dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning aren’t the same – but since JCS often performs both for our Herndon VA customers, it makes sense we talk about them both.

Clean air ducts and clean dryer vents are important for similar reasons – reasons we’ll get into on this webpage. For all these reasons, smart homeowners in the Herndon VA area contact JCS Home Services at least once a year for professional air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. Regular cleaning of dryer vents and air ducts is truly the prudent decision for any homeowner, landlord, or property manager in Herndon VA.

Reason One: Reduce the Risk of the Dryer Vents & Air Ducts Becoming a Fire Hazard

Lint is Flammable. Our Dryer Vent & Air Duct Cleaning Services Get Rid of the Lint & Dirt & Dust

We can come up with at least one extremely good reason for recommending you hire JCS of Herndon VA for dryer vent cleaning services at least once a year. That reason is simple: Fire.

Air ducts get dirty with lint, especially if the lint trap isn’t subject to regular cleaning. Such an accumulation is dangerous tinder which could ignite with an electrostatic spark or heating from the dryer.

Help avoid that potentially horrific event causing property damage and possibly worse. Call JCS to ensure the dryer vent in your Herndon VA home is free and clear of all debris, lint, dirt, dust, and other potential fire-starters.

Reason Two: Improve that Indoor Air Quality & Breathe Easier

It Makes Sense. Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned & Breath a Higher Air Quality

Another reason for an annual thorough cleaning of your entire duct system – including the dryer duct and the ductwork connected to your HVAC system – is one your lungs will appreciate: Cleaning the air ducts and dryer vents of your whole house means you, your kids, and your guests enjoy greater indoor air quality – air with fewer allergens, dirt particles, and dust.

Before cleaning and after, our professional service technicians register air-flow readings at various points, especially where the duct leaves the home. During this vents-cleaning process, we snake out all the ductwork and branch lines. Once dryer vent cleaning is complete, we re-check air-flow measurements to show we did an excellent job, to your satisfaction and ours.

Our certified technicians go the extra mile for our Herndon VA customers, far beyond what the EPA recommends for dryer vent and air duct cleaning.

Reason Three: Lower those Heating & Energy Bills

Even a New Dryer Might Require Professional Air Duct Cleaning for Maximum Energy Efficiency

When you own a home with a dryer and/or an HVAC system, energy efficiency is paramount. If the ductwork is clogged or otherwise inefficient, that will be reflected in higher energy bills.

Keep costs down by investing in regular dryer vent, air duct, and HVAC cleaning services. JCS brings in the professional equipment and reliable know-how to perform the most thorough air duct cleaning and get your entire duct system working at peak efficiency.

Reason Four: Cleaning Makes Appliances Work Better

Clean Air Ducts Mean Dry Clothes & No Need for Mold Treatment

Think of each air duct in your Herndon home as a vital passageway. Just like with your body, it’s good to keep them clean.

Cleaning your home’s dryer vents and air ducts is part of exercising good hygiene. The result is a dryer that will actually dry clothes, and lowered moisture means less likelihood for an eventual mold treatment.

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Established 2011, JCS is a top-rated residential services company, locally based to serve the entire Northern Virginia region. We clean air ducts and dryer vents in Fairfax County (Herndon, Great Falls, Centreville), Loudoun County (Leesburg, Ashburn, Middleburg), Prince William County (Manassas, Woodbridge, Gainesville), Fauquier County (Warrenton, Bealeton, Marshall), Montgomery County MD (Bethesda, Silver Spring, Poolesville), Washington DC, and the Northern VA area from Arlington to Winchester.

JCS Home Services has been building relationships with Herndon VA clients by offering unbeatable service, affordable rates, and convenient set-time appointments for dryer vent and air duct cleaning.

Maintain and enhance your home’s beauty, functionality, and safety. Avoid a potential fire hazard, lower your energy bills, and breathe clean air with professional dryer vent and air duct cleaning, Herndon!