Dryer Vent Cleaning Manassas VA

Any home or property that has a dryer, or multiple dryers, is going to be in need of dryer vent cleaning at one points or another. If you’re looking for a company that provides dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA specifically, then you should contact JCS Home Services by calling 571-299-9389.

While our company is based in Loudoun County in the town of Sterling, we provide services all over the state of Virginia. The counties we service include Fairfax County, Prince William County, Montgomery County, Fauquier County, as well as the District of Columbia. Ever since our start up back in 2011, we have provided not just dryer vent cleaning, but other important services that help improve and maintain your home’s look, efficiency and most importantly, safety. A good guideline to follow is to have the dryer vents cleaned once a year, at minimum. Why is it so important? A dirty dryer vent can be a fire hazard. Keeping your dryer vents clean of lint and debris is a sure way to prevent this fire hazard from harming your home or property, and the people in it.

Like mentioned earlier, we provide more than just dryer vent cleaning services. You would be happy to know that we also offer home maintenance and improvement services. Not just that, but you may even be able to get our services at a discount. Here at JCS Home Services, we have the best dryer vent cleaning Manassas VA has to offer. This will ensure your home or property is in great condition. While this task might seem quite simple, we do such an extremely thorough job to provide amazing quality service.

When you choose us to clean your dryer vents, we do an in-depth cleaning that will greatly eliminate the threat of fire to your home. The process is very detailed. We remove the transition duct (which connects from the wall to the dryer), clean it, and re-install it. Multiple airflow readings are taken at different points, especially where the duct leaves the home or property. The cleaning itself is done with specialized tools. The entire procedure focuses on all the parts of the dryer vent system, because if it didn’t, then you aren’t receiving a quality service. Airflow measurements are taken enough in order to make entirely sure the results meet your satisfaction, and our standards.

Aside from dryer vent cleaning, JCS Home Services also cleans microwave vents, bathroom vents, as well as any other vents your home or property may need. We are also capable of doing complete un-installations and installations, previous installation exams, animal guard maintenance around your vents, as well as being able to achieve the correct and proper fit of those guards so there are no creatures making a home out of your vent.

Vents are just one of our specialties – we also offer power washing for outdoor walls to help remove any dirt, moss, algae, and even food and beverage stains among other things. You would be surprised at how much the environment and atmosphere can affect and stain up your exterior walls. Gutter cleaning and maintenance is also a service we provide, no matter how many levels the home or property is!

Another important service we provide is chimney sweeping. Our professionals are experienced with chimney sweeping and are ready to assist you for your annual chimney sweep. The removal of soot and creosote (leftover particles and substance from burning wood smoke) is very important to ensure the air quality of your home is safe. JCS Home Service offers an entire range of chimney services, with cleaning being our main focus. We are able to clean from both the inside or outside, and this all depends on the structural design it has.

When it all comes down to it, safety is everything. We understand it’s important for you and your home or property’s environment to be safe, so we’ve made it \our top priority here at JCS Home Services. In order to make sure your environment is a safe place, it’s essential that you have your dryer vents professionally cleaned once per year. Sure, it costs money, but safety is priceless. Not to mention, we provide the most affordable rates in Manassas, Virginia.

Last, but definitely not least, is our pest removal and prevention services. We know there are many reported problems of creatures like mice or rats, raccoons, birds, squirrels, and even snakes getting into home through the chimney. And you especially won’t be fond of any critters crawling around in your vents. JCS Home Services has so much to offer. Just give us a call today at 571-299-9389 so we can get started on your project ASAP!