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Why is investing in professional air duct cleaning services considered a smart move for homeowners? If you have been putting off calling our JCS Home Services team to tackle your dirty air ducts, it is time to reconsider. Although your home’s air ducts may not seem like a priority because it is hidden from plain sight, there are some serious repercussions that follow when you continue to rely on the dirty ducts.

Think of professional air duct cleaning services as a form of investment for your home, your health, and your family. Finding it hard to see it that way? Here are a few good reasons that can change your mind about air duct cleaning:

Health Reasons And Expenses The majority of us spend our days indoors. This means we are regularly breathing indoor air that is filtered and circulated by the air ducts. Bad indoor air quality can lead to common respiratory problems such as asthma and breathing difficulties. Breathing in contaminated filled with pollutants and allergies can lead to many medical issues that may require visits to the doctor and medication.

If you or a family member find it hard to breathe while inside your home and no amount of medication is helping, the problem may be dirty air ducts. Allow our experience cleaning crew to inspect the state of the ducts and do a thorough cleaning. Once this is completed you may find it easier to breathe at home and the frequency of asthma attacks reduced to a minimum.

Utility And Energy Expenses Clogged and dirty air ducts often result in higher energy bills because the HVAC is straining to maintain a comfortable temperature. The accumulation of dirt and dust on the air ducts results in the furnace or the air conditioner trying harder to push hot or cold air into every room. The constant straining will result in higher monthly utility bills and can even be the cause of the HVAC system breaking down.

Regular air duct cleaning is a very small price to pay when you factor in the monthly utility bills and the cost of repairs in the near future. Taking care of the air ducts and keeping up with its cleaning and maintenance needs will result in an extended HVAC lifespan, savings that your pocket will greatly appreciate.

Structural Damage Mold and mildew growth can spread very easily once they gain access to the air ducts. Spores can spread to the different rooms within the home and an infestation can quickly take over. If the possible infestation is not addressed at the spore this is a good chance the damage will spread and cost a fortune to repair.

Our team will clean and treat the air ducts to prevent rapid mold and mildew growth so that there is a lesser chance of structural damage.

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