Dulles Dryer Vent Cleaning

dryer vent cleaning
Homeowners, landlords, and property managers looking for a dryer vent cleaning service turn to JCS Home Services as their first choice. If you own or manage a property in Northern Virginia, then don’t hesitate to give us a chance for your annual dryer vent cleaning. Just call us at 571-299-9389 to schedule an appointment.

The JCS Home Services physical location is in Sterling, a town in Loudoun County. Like mentioned earlier, we serve Northern Virginia. The specific counties we provide services for are Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Montgomery County, and the District of Columbia. Our company was established back in 2011, meaning we’ve been in business for more than half a decade now. While dryer vent cleaning is one of our specialties, we are available for many other home services that will maintain and benefit your home’s safety, looks, and efficiency. It is our strong suggestion that you have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. This is because the build up of lint can be a real fire hazard.

Put your home in the best condition possible when you choose us to do your dryer vent cleaning along with our other services. Don’t forget to check out the discount offers we have on our website. Here at JCS Home Services, we make sure your dryer vents are cleaned well. That means no cutting corners, cleaning thoroughly and cleaning all parts. The whole procedure starts off by removing the transition duct from the dryer and wall. This is then cleaned and placed back where it belongs. After this is done, it’s important to take airflow readings in order to ensure everything is working properly. To make sure that your dryer vent is cleaned up to our standards, we only use industry service tools. Even when you would think our job is done, it is always our precaution to take additional airflow measurements until satisfaction.

As we already said, dryer vents are just one thing we handle. In fact, if you happen to have any other vent systems, we are pros at cleaning that too. That includes things like your microwave vent, bathroom vent, or whatever vents you might happen to have in your home. Cleaning isn’t all we do with vents either. Our professionals are experienced in installing new vents, un-installing old and out of order vents, doing examinations of current systems, the fitting and installation of animal guards used to keep our mice, rats, and other small animals. Those who need a reliable dryer vent cleaning company, you came to the right place.

JCS Home Services has several different home services to offer. Aside from being vent experts, we can clean the exterior walls of your home by power washing. Since your home’s exterior is exposed to a lot of environmental/atmospheric dirt, moss, algae, stains and more. Giving your home a power wash will be a guaranteed way to make your home look the best it has in ages. To top off the exterior power wash, don’t forget to hire us to take care of your gutters while we’re at it. Even if your home is several stories high, we are able to take on the job to help make your life easier.

Home that have chimneys are supposed to have their chimneys swept at a minimum of once per year, especially if you use it often. While it may seem unnecessary to have your chimney cleaned and swept at first, it’s important to understand that the smoke form burning wood leaves residue, soot, and creosote. Our chimney sweeping pros have the ability to clean your chimney from both indoors and outdoors, all depending on the way it’s laid out in your home or property. With that being said, it’s also important to know that we have services to help keep animals from entering your home through the chimney.

Sure, it’s nice to keep animals from coming into your home through the chimney, but it’s better to keep them out of your home in all. For homeowners and landlords that don’t deal with chimneys, then you would be glad to know we offer services in overall pest prevention and removal. We have professionals that can handle rats, mice, birds, and even snakes in your home. Whether it’s just for prevention or to help get them out, you can count on JCS Home Services to help you out.

It’s not hard to see that JCS Home Services can be your one-stop shop for all sorts of problems and maintenance needs. If you are interested in hiring us, just give a quick call to 571-299-9389.