Fireplace Repair Fairfax

fireplace repair

Fireplaces form a concrete part of your house. Foremost, they are central to the provision of warmth during those long cold autumn and winter evenings. Their ability to create aesthetic points to your house is also an important base for having one. Unfortunately, having a dirty, chipping or broken fireplace does not cut it. If anything this might be a health hazard due to the accumulation of dust and smoke. Should you notice that your fireplace needs to repair it’s advisable that you get yourself a reliable fireplace repair services provider, such as JCS Home Services.

Why repair that fireplace immediately?

A defective fireplace can cause a lot of damage. Most people think about contacting fireplace repair companies because the wood is not catching fire quick enough or because there is the use of so much fuel. Defective fireplaces have the potential to cause greater damage. If the liners are not well set, your fireplace could lead to the whole house catching fire.

Chipping blocks can cause structural weakness your fireplace. If not well handled this could result in the collapse of the fireplace. Apart from the cost of repairs such damage also creates the risk of injuries. Additionally, such damage can also lead to the collapse of the chimney. Damage to the chimney is far much worse since it may lead to structural defects on your roofing apart from exposing some parts of the house to direct weather elements.

Poor fireplaces have a tendency of ineffective moisture distribution. If not sorted out early enough the surrounding walling may be affected by moisture. For prefabs, this is more dangerous since lots of moisture leads to rot and weakness of your walling which can be quite hectic and expensive to repair

Signs that your chimney needs repair

Getting to know whether your chimney requires repairs is most often very easy. At other times it might not be visibly easy. Using our checkpoints you can check whether your fireplace requires some work.

Chipped firebricks

This is the commonest and easiest to spot defect. There are many reasons that firebricks will break. The two most common ones are poor heat regulation and abrasion for log hits. Since by firebricks rarely burn completely you will find little bits in the ash. Found any? Then it might time to have to call a professional.

Rusted firebox and dampers

Fireboxes and dampers are mostly made of corrugated iron, which is relatively cheaper as compared to the stainless steel material. That said corrugated iron is more prone to rust. The rate of rust should not be immediate though. A buildup of moisture due to insufficient moisture regulation is one of the reasons that you would start seeing rust on your dampers should you see rust on either, please call a professional for help.

Dump and darkened walls and wallpapers

Poor heat and moisture regulation are likely to create problems on the surrounding walling. This is evident in peeling off paint in areas surrounding the fireplace. Peeling wallpapers are a sign of moisture accumulation. Shades of black on the immediate walling denote a much larger problem, direct fire exposure or smoke escapes both of which can lead to loss of property due to a start of fires. Noticed these in your


This is mostly not a direct fireplace problem but might point out to an issue with the fireplace. If you find small tiled specks on inside your fireplace it could mean that your chimney liner has been damaged and is slowly breaking down. The liner is responsible for the release of hot air and smoke into the open air. Its loss could lead to fires within the house. The damage could also be a sign of inadequate moisture distribution in the fireplace.

Cracked mortar joints

Whenever you are checking your walls always make a point of checking both the chimney’s mortar joints (you might require some help here) and the fire place too. Cracked mortar joints are a definite sign for the need to carry out repairs. You need not wait.

If you have noticed any of the above signs it is important that you get yourself a reliable fireplace restoration expert. Most repairs do not take long to carry out. As such you can have the repairs done in the course of the day without having interruptions. The sooner a problem is noticed the better. For better fireplace performance an annual maintenance is always advised. Finally, should you realize the need for fireplace repair, you can call JCS Home Service, our experts will be on hand to assist at the earliest convenient time.