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For Repairs on Wood-Stove or Gas Fireplaces, Contact JCS Home Services

Since 2011, JCS Has Been One of the Top Fireplace Repair Companies in Northern Virginia

We Do It All From Masonry Work To Chimney Cleaning

Total chimney and fireplace services – that’s what JCS offers homeowners in Northern Virginia. Whether you’re in need of gas fireplace repair or it’s time for a chimney cleaning, the experienced fully-licensed technicians of JCS Home Services are ready to provide the most quality service to ensure your fireplace is up to snuff.

Complete Fireplace Services from a Local 5-Star Company

JCS Can Inspect, Install, and Repair Wood Fireplaces or Gas Fireplaces

Please check out the online reviews for JCS Home Services on sites like Yelp and Google and Houzz. You’ll see a lot of happy customers raving about our friendly professional technicians arriving on time and doing the job right – for the affordable estimate they were given. And you’ll see many of those customers hire JCS for our top-notch fireplace and chimney work.

No matter if the situation calls for investigating the source of gas leaks, a video-aided inspection for needed chimney repairs, reactivating a pilot light, replacing a fireplace insert, or the installation of an entire new system, the techs of JCS Home Services offer comprehensive chimney and fireplace services to customers throughout Northern Virginia.

When Do You Need Fireplace and Chimney Services?

Bricks Unstable? Mortar Cracked? Furnace Not Heating Enough? It’s Maintenance Time!

In the fireplace and chimney repair business, the old saying about how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure holds true. You don’t want your first indication that you need fireplace services to be when the hearth cracks or the flue dislodges.

So it’s a good rule of thumb to have your fireplace and chimney examined by the professional technicians of JCS Home Services about every 12 months. An annual inspection helps ensure that 1) creosote and soot don’t accumulate along the interior walls of the chimney and cause potential blockages, 2) cracks in the masonry don’t grow to join other cracks or lead to instability, and 3) the outer hearth, inner hearth, firebox, flue, smoke chamber, and throat are all in working order and can reasonably be expected to stay that way through the chilly fire-burning months.

Prevent expensive repairs before they put a dent in your wallet. Get your chimneys, wood fireplaces, and gas fireplaces inspected by the professional techs of JCS Home Services in Northern Virginia.

The Most Complete Fireplace Repair Northern VA Customers Can Get

JCS Provides Fireplace Services From Winchester to Arlington to Prince William County

We have a mix of houses around here in Northern Virginia, including old-time colonials and modern concepts. But the chimney and fireplace are constants.

In our years in business, we at JCS Home Services have traversed the entire Northern Virginia region to perform chimney repair as well as wood furnace and gas fireplace repair. We’ve worked for customers in Fairfax and Falls Church, Springfield and Sterling, Alexandria and Ashburn, and all around the Northern VA service area.

Whether it’s time to inspect the gas lines supplying energy to your fireplace, or you need a professional maintenance team to replace the chimney flue, hire JCS Home Services. We specialize in repairing chimneys and fireplaces, getting them ready to handle those glowing embers and heat the air so nicely.

An Efficient Fireplace and Chimney System – For Less

Take Advantage of Our Special Coupons and Discount Offers

As a company, we at JCS Home Services believe in providing quality, affordability, effective communication, and always an unassailably complete job. We’re not out to make the most off of every customer – our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with customers across Northern Virginia, so they call us up again for their next wood or gas fireplace repair appointment.

We invite customers to check out our Discounts page, where there’s a coupon for significant savings on our Northern VA chimney sweep service with Level 1 inspection included. Plus, we offer a variety of other money-saving specials on services like air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

When you invest in your home’s well-being with JCS Home Services, we promise the greatest value in return for your investment.

Additional Chimney and Fireplace Services

We Do Installations of Chimney Caps and Crowns, Plus Chimney Inspection

At JCS, we specialize in everything about chimneys and fireplaces. Whenever you need a component of your chimney or fireplace repaired or installed, the helpful team of techs at JCS stands ready to do the job.

That includes the replacement and installation of components such as chimney caps and chimney crowns. Crowns, also known as chase tops or washes, cover and seal the chimney’s opening to prevent rain and snow from getting in, sloping downward to direct run-off away. Caps also prevent precipitation from entering the chimney interior, while also acting as a spark arrestor to contain fire and keeping out critters like birds, raccoons, and squirrels.

But there’s more. JCS Home Services provides expert chimney and fireplace inspection. A Level 1 visual inspection comes standard with all fireplace and chimney services. A Level 2 inspection employs a video camera to take a closer look at the bricks, masonry, and all other components of the chimney system, from which our technicians produce a full written report with recommended repairs.

On top of all that, JCS provides chimney crown sealers, replaces ash dump doors, and pressure washes the chimney exterior. We really are the local company that does it all to keep your fireplace and chimney clean, repaired, and working great.

JCS Offers Much More Than Fireplace Services

Air Duct, Dryer Vent, and Gutter Cleaning Are On Our Menu

We’re your go-to home services company in Northern Virginia. That means we do a lot more for your house than looking at the gas logs in the fireplace and doing a chimney sweep.

You can count on JCS Home Services for professional maintenance services including:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Soft-wash pressure washing

When the equipment (chimneys, fireplaces, air ducts, dryer vents, gutters, etc.) you need to operate your home is clean, it’s also more efficient – and therefore more cost-effective. With this lineup of home maintenance services, it’s our goal at JCS Home Services to help keep your Northern Virginia home running at peak energy efficiency.

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Don’t start another fire in that fireplace without talking with JCS Home Services about getting a professional inspection and performing needed repairs. The safety of your home and the peace-of-mind of everyone in it is at stake.

Make sure your fireplace and chimney are ready for winter. Make an appointment with the repair specialists of JCS Home Services:

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We promise excellent service at a fair price – and always the most careful, thorough fireplace and chimney repair services in Northern Virginia.

Your Chimney and Wood-Burning or Gas Fireplace Is In Good Hands With JCS Home Services