Fireplace Repair Northern Virginia

Your fireplace is not a part of the house to be overlooked. If anything this one section of the house that should be treated as an altar. Not just because of the warmth the hearth provides us with but also the beauty it adds to the house. If placed outside, you might know the how much a good fireplace complements the landscape. What happens if your fireplace starts looking haggard or is no longer functioning well? You call a good expert such as one of the best fireplace repair services in Northern Virginia providers, JCS Home Services.

Do you need to care about fireplace repairs so much?

Yes, you do. Fireplaces form a centerpiece of your home. A rugged looking fireplace has the ability to reduce your house’s aesthetic value. In fact, a number of house agents and insurance valuers will use the state of your fireplace as one of their valuation benchmarks.

Ever thought of your fireplace as a hazard? If not, then you should start thinking of a poorly maintained fireplace as one. Apart from the injuries caused by collapsing fireplaces, a poorly kept fireplace can lead to household fires. That is why JCS Home Services takes the repair of fireplaces very seriously. Defective fireplaces create a challenge in regulating heat. They lose heat quite fast, which means that you are forced to use lots of fuel on them. Moreover, even making a fire in a defective can be more challenging than it would have been on an efficiently working fireplace.

When to call for repair of that fireplace

First and foremost, you need to set up an annual maintenance appointment of your fireplace. During such maintenance, you should give the contractor a leeway for a thorough job. That is the secret to gaining value for money; use the contractor’s time as much as possible. Now that we have given you the large secret, read through the tit bits to know when to call the professional repair service personnel.

• Have you noticed pieces of your fireplace are chipping, cracking or breaking and falling off? This might be assign of poor structure arising from aging. Alternatively, your fireplace may have been haphazardly constructed. The sooner you notice such defect the better it is for you to call the professional for a plug larger damages are realized.

• Check if your house keeps on filling with smoke, or the walls surrounding the fireplace show dampness or dark burn and smoke patches. These are indicative of signs that your fireplace is not well done close to the walls. The tiny spaced allow for moisture, smoke and at times embers getting to the wall. If one considers that a good number of house walls are covered in the oil-based paint there is no need to explain how a fire would erupt.

• Examine the fireplace for signs of rust on the firebox and dumpers. Rust is indicative of accumulation of moisture in the fireplace. The accumulation of moisture especially in the brick joint areas leads to poor structure. Additionally, it leads to poor conduction of heat which increases the cost associated with the use of more fuel than would have been necessary.

Attributes of a good fireplace repair service provider

• Quality: A good service provider NEVER compromises on quality. Whether it is on the quality of the dampers or on the bricks and mortar used, the quality always has to be outstanding.

• Reliable: If you agree with a contractor on a time schedule, it is only polite that the contractor adheres to the time schedule. If you get to hear of a fireplace repair service personnel who cannot keep his word, walk away. It does not matter how good his job output, reliability is key.

• Ability to listen and discuss: The contractor is the expert, but a contractor too has to listen to what the customer wants and needs. At times what you need may not be the best choice from a professional standpoint. The contractor should be able to tell you this early enough.

• Pricing: Value for money is a critical point when it comes to agreements between the customer and the contractor. In fact, pricing defines the amount of work to be done and vice versa. Therefore you should get a contractor who is mindful of your pocket without having to compromise on quality. At JCS Home services we not only appreciate this tenet but we also go an extra mile to provide you with suitable discount rates for hiring our services.


Sometimes detecting whether your fireplace needs repair might be a little challenging to an untrained eye. One thing though, if you are using lots of fuel and yet the amount of heats keeps running low quite fast, call in an expert. For the most efficient fireplace repair call JCS Home services and we will be at your doorstep within no time.

Our dedicated team of professionals will not only give you high-quality service but will also give you aid tips on how to keep that fireplace in tip top conditions. Feel free to get in touch with us via email, using our contact form or by booking an appointment with us on the phone.