Karen – Manassas, VA

chimney repair northern va April 07, 2015 By JCSchimney

I am required to get my chimney inspected and dryer vents cleaned yearly by our association and I was dreading the price and having to take time off work to get it done. I found JCS on Yelp, bit the bullet, called, and was shockingly happy after I got off the phone with JCS. JCS was able to come to my home, on a weekend, so that I didn’t have to take time off of work. They also did a great job cleaning the vent and inspecting the chimney, making sure not to bring in any dirt in my home. The cost was very reasonable and lower than I was expecting. Weekend, cheaper than I thought, and they were nice?! JCS definitely made the dreaded process much more tolerable. And to top it off Jason from JCS is so nice and knowledgeable he was able to give me advice about my A/C, information about a painting service, and my boyfriend information about his vents on his house. It turns out that I need to get some minor work done on the chimney and when I get it fixed I will definitely be contacting JCS!